Unveiling the Power of Tabletop Fiber Laser Welders

From Small to Big: Tackling 3D Channel Letters with Ease.

Are you ready to take your aluminum welding game to the next level? Look no further than tabletop fiber laser welders! These compact yet powerful machines are revolutionizing the world of metalworking, particularly when it comes to crafting intricate 3D channel letters.

Tabletop laser welders are changing the game when it comes to aluminum welding for small to big 3D channel letters. With their precision, versatility, and efficiency, these compact marvels are empowering craftsmen to bring their wildest metalworking dreams to life.

So whether you’re a sign maker looking to take your projects to the next level or a professional seeking to streamline your workflow, consider adding a tabletop fiber laser welding machine to your arsenal. With this innovative tool by your side, the possibilities are truly endless!

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Features of Tabletop Laser Welder

  • Wider range materials application than YAG laser: stainless steel, aluminum alloy, brass, etc.
  • Suitable for small to large 3D channel letters welding or other parts.
  • 5X faster than TIG/MIG welding.
  • Less maintenance and welding skills required.
  • Smooth welds without deformation, high accuracy.
  • Can weld very small strokes, minimum stroke up to 10mm (0.40in).
  • No disturbances and no harm to the environment.

Benefits of Tabletop Fiber Laser Welder

Precision and Accuracy – The precise beam control of tabletop fiber laser welders allows for pinpoint accuracy, ensuring seamless joints and minimal material distortion. Whether working on intricate designs or large-scale projects, the precision offered by these welders is unmatched.

Versatility and Ease of Use – Tabletop fiber welders are highly versatile, capable of welding various materials beyond aluminum, including stainless steel and copper. Moreover, their user-friendly interfaces and intuitive controls make them accessible to both seasoned professionals and beginners alike.

Cost-effectiveness and Efficiency – Despite their advanced technology, tabletop welders are surprisingly cost-effective in the long run. Their efficient energy consumption and minimal material waste translate to significant savings for businesses, making them a smart investment for 3D channel letter fabrication.

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The signage industry relies heavily on precision and customization to meet the diverse needs of businesses and consumers. 3D channel letters serve as eye-catching displays for storefronts, events, and corporate branding, driving foot traffic and enhancing brand visibility.

Welding aluminum for 3D channel letters poses unique challenges, including heat management, distortion control, and joint strength. Traditional welding methods may struggle to meet these demands, resulting in compromised quality and durability.

Tabletop fiber lasers excel in overcoming the challenges associated with both steel and aluminum welding in 3D channel letter fabrication. Non-contact welding gives its ability to weld tiny letters with very small stroke or very large letters without distortion.

Technical Parameters

Laser Power1500W2000W3000W
Laser SourceMAX
Laser wavelength1080nm fiber laser
Laser ModeContinuous Mode & Pulsed Mode
Pulse Width0.2~50ms
Pulse Frequency1~5000Hz
Welding Spot Diameter0.2~3.0mm adjustable
Locating SystemRed laser beam
Worktable Size1700x2000mm (5.5×6.5ft)
Observing SystemCCD and touch screen
Cooling ModeBuilt-in Water Chiller
Welding HeadDouble wobble laser head
Welding DepthAluminum up to 5mm, steel up to 9mm
Gas RequiredArgon or Nitrogen
Power Consumption6KW7KW9KW
Power RequirementSingle phase 220V ±10%, 40A3-phase 380V ±10%, 60A
Packing Size1950*925*1390mm
Gross Weight450KG (990lbs)

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Welding Capacity

Material TypeMaterial Thickness (mm or inch)Laser Powe % W1500FLaser Powe % W2000FLaser Powe % W3000F
Stainless Steel/ Iron Sheet/ Galvanized Plate0.6 or .024’’2015/
0.8 or .032’’2518/
1 or .040’’302010
2 or .080’’403015
3 or .118’’604530
4 or 0.16’’806040
5 or 0.20’’/8060
6 or 0.24’’/10070
7 or 0.28’’//80
8 or 0.32’’//90
Aluminum0.6 or .024’’5540/
0.8 or .032’’604530
1 or .040’’655040
2 or .080’’806050
3 or .118’’907060
4 or 0.16’’/8070
5 or 0.20’’//90


Q1: What are the main advantages of using a tabletop fiber laser welder?

A: Tabletop fiber laser offer advantages such as precision, versatility, and cost-effectiveness compared to traditional welding methods. Additionally, unlike handheld laser welding, which requires contact with the metal surface to be welded, this greatly improves welding versatility and makes up for the fact that handheld fiber laser welding machine can’t weld tight gaps or corners with deep narrow channel letter strokes.

Q2: Can tabletop fiber laser welders weld materials other than aluminum?

A: Yes, the welding machine fiber laser can weld various materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and titanium.

Q3: Are tabletop fiber lasers suitable for small-scale businesses?

A: Yes, tabletop fiber laser system is suitable for businesses of all sizes, offering scalability and efficiency in production processes.

Q4: How difficult is it to learn how to use a such laser welder?

A: While there is a learning curve associated with any new technology, all our welding systems are designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive controls and interfaces.

Q5: Is your fiber tabletop welder safe to use?

A: When operated properly and with the necessary safety precautions in place, tabletop laser fiber welders are perfectly safe to use. However, it’s essential to undergo proper training and familiarize yourself with the machine’s operating procedures before diving in.

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