The Channel Letter Bending Machine is becoming more and more popular in signage making industry. It is a common advertising device and takes the place of the traditional manual work which makes signs by hand or tools. But how to install the finished 3D channel letter signs afterward? How many ways to install it? The following is a brief introduction to how to install the finished channel letter signs. Let’s take a look, there are roughly three kinds. 

How to install the finished 3D channel letter signs?

1. Over the ear type: This method is more suitable for installation on many small signs. It is to make the foot code on the base of the signs. The foot code is generally installed in the upward direction of the signs, but generally, it is not used.

This way, it will affect the appearance, and the firm performance is not ideal, just more convenient. The signs on the door can take this approach, but now many are for aesthetics. This method of installation is relatively simple so the hanging type is suitable for indoor display. The outdoor installation considers wind, climate, and other factors. 

2. The code type: the installation method we often see is the code type, that is after the blistering letter is removed, the base of the blistering letter is fixed first. This method is also commonly used, firm and beautiful, it is necessary to pay attention to nailing more screws, and the panel is firmly fixed, which is not easily scratched by the wind.

Nowadays, the installation method generally uses this kind of comparison. This installation does not affect the external effect, and the installation is relatively good. The sign letters of the storefront are generally the way to install the code. 

3. The application of the sign letters on the top of the building or on the wall is using the welding steel frame, then the letter is welded on the steel frame, there is a certain support point, the steel frame is fixed, for the steel frame Part of the structure and safety are also required, and the form of the steel frame needs to be designed. Some people may ask, that the steel frame is not good at the back of the letter. In fact, this does not affect the result.

Generally, the letters on the top of the building are relatively large, and the distances are relatively far. The steel frame is very Few people noticed. Especially at night, what everyone sees is the letter that shining. The overall effect is still very good. 

The above is the entire content of how to install the 3D channel letter signs produced by the Channel Letter Bending Machine. Hope it helps or contacts us for more help freely.

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