News: Review The Features Of Channel Letter Made by Aluminum Bending Machine

Review The Features Of Channel Letter Made by Aluminum Bending Machine

aluminum channel letter made by bending machine

I believe that everyone is familiar with the luminous channel letters produced by the Aluminum Channel Letter Bending Machine. As long as you pay attention to the streets, you will find that many stores are using this kind of signs. What is its structural principle? What are the features of the bending machine? Let's take a look.

The structural principle of the luminous letters made by the aluminum letter bending machine which adopts the hemming treatment to enhance the strength, and the upper flange is generally set to about 8mm, which is convenient for increasing the straightness of the logo and facilitating the whole type, the lower folding edge is hook-shaped, so that there will be no disengagement. Due to the design of the hem, the appearance is guaranteed, and the white edge is not seen from the front and the side. 

So let’s review the features of the aluminum sign letters made by the bending machine.

1. Exquisite, diverse colors, the logo is relatively straightforward, and has a good three-dimensional sense, more on the top grade.

2. It is convenient to make and process with aluminum letter bending machine. Due to the special nature of the material, it is easy to bend and has no resilience, so the production speed is faster.

3. Light weight and high strength. Easy to install (behind the glass glue or the top of the word).

4. With a good weather resistance, in general, it is not easy to get color fade and rusty, will not become yellow, long-lasting as new.

5. The same price as the flat luminous channel letters, but there are resin process and brightness.

6. The letters made by Aluminum Channel Letter Bending Machine is relatively widely used, both indoor and outdoor use.


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