News: What's the Features of Five-axis CNC Channel Letter Bending Machine?

What's the Features of Five-axis CNC Channel Letter bending machine?

Varisigns aluminum channel letter bending machine VAM-S1
As we talking about Five-axis Channel Letter Bending Machine, we have to know firstly what's the five axis? The mechanical structure—feeding, lifting, slotting, swing and bending to ensure the stability of the whole job.
S1 bending machine bending part
And how about the features?
1. Curved arc adopts servo motor, telescopic bending instead of rolling bending, for a higher arc forming degree.
2. The slotting adopts DC brushless motor, and the milling cutter is better suited to various aluminum materials.
3. Closed-loop detection system, ensured material length guarantee, ensure the error of finished product and source file after processing <0.1mm
4. The material processing height can be up to 160mm, and the bending force can easily complete the thickness of 1.5mm or 2mm (optional).
5. The springback coefficient of the arc bender is intelligently compensated to ensure the forming precision of various materials.
6. The equipment is easy to operate and debug, highly conform to the mechanical principle, standardized design of the accessories, and stable performance.
S1 bending machine slotting part
Five-axis CNC Channel Letter Bending Machine specializes in aluminum side letters, borderless letters, resin letters. The cutting is smooth, delicate, low noise and stable performance. It is easy to debug, easy to operate, and cost-effective. It is an economical and practical device for your best choice.


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