Angle Iron Bender Tool for 3D Channel Letters Making



Features of Angle Iron Bender Tool for Channel Letters Making

• The design structure of this metal letters bender is reasonable, and it can be erected by slightly adjustment; and it is very convenient to bend thin stainless steel sheet.
• The whole body is electroplating, with wire-electrode cutting vertical lifting groove and spring lifting cutter, it is very easy to use.
• The width of bending angle is 110mm, and the thickness is 1.0mm.

Usage of Angle Iron Bender Tool

• When in use, if the material is too thick, please fix this metal letter bending tool first to save your effort.
• When in use, you can make a mark first, then bend an angle, and then make another mark and then bend another angle. You have no need to do it in one step.
• When in use, the metal letters bender can be erected, the cutter is directly perpendicular to the table.

It can be used for bending 1.0mm thickness stainless steel.

Additional information

Weight 6 kg