Consumables of CNC Channel Letter Bending Machine



The CNC Channel Bender Consumables for Sale are suitable for all bending machine series from Varisigns, including VAM-S1, VAM-S3, VAM-S6, VAM-S6 Plus, VAM-S18 and VAM-S40.

automatic letter bender saw blade notching

The saw blade milling cutter (slotting parts of letter bender VAM-S1, VAM-S6 Plus, VAM-S18)

box pack of channel bender slotting parts

The knife slotting parts of the letter bender VAM-S3, VAM-S6, VAM-S6 Plus, VAM-S18 and VAM-S40.

High quality imported materials, 10pcs/pack.

CNC channel letter bender sensors

Channel letter bending machine sensors, even though in high quality, but still easy to go bad due to the unstable voltage in different locations.

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Parts Name

Bend Origin Sensor, Slot Depth Origin Sensor, Slot Up and Down Origin Sensor, Slot Knife, Saw Blade