Desktop Metal Grinding Machine



Features of Desktop Metal Grinding Machine

1. Select high-quality corundum strip and grind as table-stationed. Convenient for grind, fast speed and post-grinded surface is very smooth.
2. Abrasion cutting degree of grinding tray could adjust based on requirement and offer more treatment space for product.
3. The work of polishing treatment could start only by changing polishing abrasive belt and need not polishing paste, and the effect is very bright.
4. The speed is twice faster than traditional grinding speed and the quality is improved to several times which have yet to be reached by all normal grinding method.
5. Non splash during operating process, uneasy to hurt people and could protect operator as maximum as it could.

Voltage: 220V, 50Hz
Power: 300W

Applications of Metal Grinding Machine

Treatment effect: grinding straight flange, bevel edge, chamfering, grinding circle, grinding square, removing burrs and polishing and so on.
Treatment range: Finished metal character, metal board, acrylic character board, PVC materials, plastic and timber.

This machine could work much better and precise by cooperating with manual dedicated inner-hole grinding machine.

Additional information

Weight 50 kg