High Quality Laser Protection Lens for Laser Welding and Cutting Machine



1064nm Laser Protection Lens protective mirrors

It is widely used in laser welding machine, laser cutting machine and laser engraving machine.
Material: K9
Use in wavelength: 1064nm
Specifications available: 20*2mm, 20*3mm, 20*4mm, 30*2mm, 30*3mm, 30*4mm, 30*5mm, 40*3mm, 50*2mm, 50*3mm.

Advantages of Laser Protection Lens protective mirrors

1. The light transmittance is as high as 99.5%, which effectively enhances the cutting and welding speed.
protective lens for laser cutting machine
2. Anti-reflection coatings with high damage threshold are plated on both sides of the lens to effectively reduce the loss caused by reflection.
High Quality Laser Protection Lens for Laser Welding and Cutting Machine
2. Long service life and more durable.
1064nm Laser Protection Lens
3. Excellent thermal stability, heat resistance, excellent optical properties, and excellent lame resistance.
Laser Protection Lens
4. High-quality imported quartz material with High light transmittance.
lens for protecting laser machines
5. The double-layer coating effectively protects the lens from splashes.

protection mirrors for laser welding machine protective lens for handheld laser welder protective lens for laser machine

Note: For clients who bought our fiber handheld laser welder 1kw, 1.5kw and 2kw, please choose the specs 20*2.

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