High Quality Laser YAG Crystals for Laser Welding Machine



Nd: YAG crystal is a kind of solid-state laser material

It has the advantages of high laser efficiency, high damage threshold, good thermal conductivity, and can realize multiple working modes (continuous, pulse, Q-switch, mode locking, frequency multiplication, etc.). Among them, the continuous mode is a very good working method for Nd:YAG lasers, and its continuous laser output has reached the kilowatt level. As one of the solid laser crystal materials with good comprehensive performance, it is widely used in welding industry, scientific research and other fields.

Details of YAG crystals

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YAG Crystal Replacement

Nd3+YAG crystal is the core part of the laser, and is fairly expensive. Therefore it should be installed with great care. The two end faces of Nd3+:YAG crystal bar is absolutely parallel to each other and has high cleanliness. If there is any pollutant on the end faces, the luminous efficiency will be lower, the facula mode will deteriorate, or even can’t illuminate normally. In that case, the space housing this machine must be cleaned and professionals should be called for related treatment.

Take out the Nd3+:YAG crystal bar, use lens paper or absorbent cotton moistened by cleaning agent (liquid mixture with ethanol solution and another respectively occupying 50 %,) to remove the dirt gently. The causes leading to the damage of crystal bar can be described as follows:

a.The flow of cooling water is over or interrupted, the energy input into the lamp makes the lamp and bar overheated, which results in the cracking of the lamp and bar;

b.The end face is bumped, scratched or even damaged by hard object;

c.As the diaphragm layer is polluted , the bar is damaged when the high strength laser passes by;

d.The bar is pressed too tightly or the applied force is uneven when it is installed, the over high interior stress breaks the bar. In this case, the operator should not open the hood of the laser, nor operate the YAG bar. If the end face is found polluted, professionals should be called for the related treatment.

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