Pneumatic Pistol Grip Punch Flange Tool



Pneumatic Pistol Grip Punch/Flange Tool (3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 8mm Diameter Hole available)

For Punching Iron Sheet, Aluminum Strip and Stainless Steel Channel Letters.

Features of Pneumatic Pistol Grip Punch Flange Tool

• This product is adopted imported fabrication process, which is invulnerable and wearable, and can easily punch stainless steel sheet;
• Easy operation, doesn t seize up work piece, smooth hole without punching trace;
• It was developed by the integration of hydraulic and pneumatic pressure;
• It performs a longer lifespan and is easy to punch in stainless steel, aluminum and iron sheet as long as within the required thickness;
• Punching Sheet Thickness: Aluminum Sheet-1.5mm, Galvanized sheet-1.2mm, stainless steel-1.0mm.

Details of Pneumatic Pistol Grip Punch Flange Tool

This product can punches three sizes, respectively, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, for which you can choose according to your own need.
Normally, it’s suggested to choose 3mm screw and 4 to 5mm rivet.
The gun head of puncher may vary in different specifications hence please go with the graphics shown, and different gun head and punch needle can’t interchange with.
This puncher is made of pneumatic power for which the user has to equip an air compressor to use along with.
Here we clarify!

Application of Pneumatic Pistol Grip Punch Flange Tool

It replaces the old manual punching plier; Small area punching and blank pressing while handling point welding and rivet connection in metal work pieces, advertising letters and logo punching; At factory, shop and personal studio, it is widely used, especially for processing metal ingots of advertising industry, it is an essential equipment that factory must have, and it increases work efficiency significantly.

• This machine is a pneumatic tool for which its air source shall be processed to ensure clean and dry;
• Please periodically add hydraulic oil to lubricate the machine and it is prohibited to use high viscosity machine oil instead as it damages the machine;
• It is also not allowed to run the machine idling as well as not for tossing, dropping or rough operation since the parts of pneumatic tool are precisely fabricated and produced.

The product adopts the integration of hydraulic and pneumatic pressure that requires adding hydraulic oil according to using frequency.
We will add certain oil for test before shipping out, but during shipment, it may cause leakage. When you received the machine and if it does not work, just simply add hydraulic oil. Please contact our Customer Service for how to add hydraulic oil.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Hole Diameter

3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 8mm