Portable Metal Letters Bender Tools for Steel Letters



Description of Portable Metal Letters Bender Tools for Iron Letters

• This metal letters bending tool is made to solve problems of time-consuming and laborious in manual bending metal letters, and has effectively solved problems existed in bending metal sheet.
• It can bend metal sheets quickly and accurately, save time and effort, and improve production efficiency.

Features of Portable Metal Letters Bender Tools for Iron Letters

• The whole body is made of metal, and the clamping plate can be loosely and tightly. It is a good helper of advertising companies, and one of the essential tools for making metal letters.
• Small size and light weight, so it can be operated by your hands.
• With a handle on the metal letter bender, convenient and easy to use.
• Can be used on both positive and negative two directions.
Handle bending tool, you can bend and weld the metal letters at the same time.
• It can bend iron 0.8 mm, aluminium: 1.0 mm, stainless steel: 0.6mm, effective flanging height is 10 cm.

Details of Portable Metal Letters Bender Tools for Iron Letters

• The width of the plate space is 1.5mm, and various materials can be put in.
• The plate space cannot be adjusted, if you need larger plate space, please buy our dual-axis metal channel letter angle bender tool.
• You’d better use this mini metal bending tool bending thin steel and stainless steel within 0.7mm, or the bending effect will be not good and it will ruin the machine.
• If you want to bend metal beyond 0.7mm, you can make a slot at first.

Additional information

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Bending Type

A Type, U Type