Multifunctional Right Angle Tin Snips Metal Cutter



Application of Multifunctional Right Angle Tin Snips Metal Cutters

It can be used for cutting sheet metal, aluminium sheet, aluminium-plastic panels, aluminium-plastic strips, cold rolled iron sheet, wire mesh, leather, copper and plastics etc.

Description of Multifunctional Right Angle Tin Snips Metal Cutters

• These snips are high leverage with a compound cutting action made from forged alloy steel (Chrome Molybdenum).
• They are constructed with a serrated cutting edge to prevent slippage when cutting.
• The aviation tin snips give superior cutting power. Fitted with comfortable contoured color coded handles with slip guards giving extra comfort and safety during use.
• Blade is made of stainless steel or alloy tools steel.
• Compound hinge delivers more force with less effort, and non-slip handle grips reduce fatigue.
• With the simple structure and high practicability.
• Very durable and reliable.
• Time-saving and effort-saving.
• Low energy consumption and widespread application prospect.

 The aviation tin snip can cut 1.25mm cold rolled iron sheet or 0.7mm stainless steel sheet at most.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg