Silicon Reflection Mirrors for Laser Engraving And Cutting



Silicon reflector lens take semiconductor crystals as heat dissipation carrier. It is first processed into a crystal plate, finely polished and grinded and then coated with a gold layer for reflection and a protective film to prevent falling of the gold layer. It is used for high power laser devices and can provide rapid cooling, resistance to deformation, high reflection efficiency, resistance to wiping, long service life and small power loss.


Diameter: 20mm, 25mm, 30mm
Lens Thickness: 3mm
Material: Silicon coated with gold
Reflection Efficiency: >99%

• With gold-plated and protection film on the gold, the surface is not easy to get damaged, overtheless, it enhance the reflectivity and make the mirror durable. Also the gold-plated silicon mirror is able to tolerate high-power irradiancy.
• Strong durability, thermal stability.
• Double sponge packaging, plus shockproof packaging to ensure transport safety.
• Focus spot is more stable. Cutting and engraving effect better.



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20mm, 25mm, 30mm