Automatic Channel Letter Bending Machine for Large Outdoor Letters

The heavy-duty machine for making outdoor sky signs, big projects choice, letter depth up to 300mm or 11.8”. 

  • Model: VAM-S40
  • Coils: Aluminum and steel coils
  • Width: 25~300mm (1”~11.8”)
  • Thickness: Up to 2.0mm (.080”), 3mm (.118”) is optional
  • Footprint: 6.56’×2.62′
  • Lead Time: 10~15 Days After Payment Received
  • After Service: 24/7 Online Support & Overseas Engineers Available

Applications of Automatic Channel Letter Bending Machine

The Automatic Channel Letter Bending Machine VAM-S40 is a heavy-duty industrial grade letter bender machine for large outdoor letters, and sky signs. It can make stainless steel or aluminum letters up to 300mm deep and 3.0mm thick sidewall. It is the best choice for signage businesses with many outdoor large-scale channel letter projects.

Features of Automatic Channel Letter Bending Machine

Ball screw transmission notching system and cooling spray system
Ball screw transmission notching system and cooling spray system which is more humanized for higher efficiency and effectively extend the life of the notching blade.
high power servo motor of channel letter bender VAM-S40
The whole machine is equipped with high-power servo motors, which work more efficiently and easily meet the requirements of high-intensity work.
bending blade of automatic channel letter bending machine for large outdoor letters
The high-hardness bending blade adopts the casting process, and the height of the blade is up to 300mm, which can easily cope with different channel letter coils of various thicknesses, ensuring the high precision and high efficiency of the finished 3D letters.
automatic channel letter bending machine software VAM-S40
The software of the industrial-grade bending machine is still developed by our own team, and has undergone countless debugging changes and optimizations. From the user’s point of view, the software is more streamlined and the operation is easier.

Technical Parameters

Applicable CoilsStainless Steel, Iron, Copper, Aluminum
Coil Height25 ~ 300mm (1”~11.8”)
Coil Thicknessup to 2.0mm (.080”), 3.0mm (.118” is optional)
PrecisionLess than 0.1mm (.004”)
Bending RadiusR15mm (0.60”)
Driving MotorsDelta A2 series Servo System
VoltageAC220V, 50/60HZ, 30A
Power Supply4.0KW
File FormatAI, DXF, PLT
Footprint2000*800*1750mm (6.56’×2.62′)
Net Weight750KG (1653lbs)

More Details of Super Channel Bender VAM-S40

400mm or 16'' coil height is feeding in the bender machine VAM-S40
300mm or 11.8” coil height is feeding in the automatic channel letter bender machine VAM-S40
high precision ball screw feeding of automatic channel letter bender VAM-S40
High precision ball screw feeding of automatic channel letter bender VAM-S40

Samples Made by Super Channel Bender VAM-S40

large outdoor letter by channel bender VAM-S40
2mm or .080'' aluminum channel letter samples by automatic letter bender VAM-S40

Package Details

package of automatic channel letter bending machine VAM-S40

CNC Production Center of Channel Letter Bending Machines

CNC center of channel letter machine parts
warehouse of channel letter machine parts


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