What is a Flatbed Digital Cutter?

The flatbed cutting machine is controlled by CNC cutting system and widely used for high precision cutting of flexible and semi-rigid materials. It can generally work with multiple cutting heads, including oscillating blade, dragging blade, pneumatic cutting tool, V-cutting tool, wheel cutting tool, driving rotary tool, milling tool, kiss cutting tool.

The machine cutting head cuts the material to the desired shape. Top-quality jigsaw puzzle producers use them to cut their puzzles. Other high-end fabricators use them as well. Although a flatbed digital cutter does not look like a very impressive machine, it is one of the most versatile machines that you can have in your workshop. If you have never used one, you may not appreciate all of its advantages. 

Advantages of Varisigns Flatbed Digital Cutter

  • The cutting speed is generally about 10 times faster than that of laser cutting machines.
  • Advanced computer numerical control system, easy to operate and compatible with a variety of software.
  • No burnt edges or uneven colors when cutting soft materials.
  • High-quality platform system, imported aviation aluminum plate combined with high-quality countertop felt, ensure smoothness and stability, and never deform.
  • High-precision Mitsubishi servo motors and drives help you deliver quickly.
  • Quickly switch between different cutting tools to meet your smart cutting of various types of materials.
  • The intelligent security system is equipped with intelligent anti-collision and infrared blocking devices to maximize the safety of operators.
  • Automatic feeding systems can realize continuous feeding, high efficiency, and cross-border cutting is possible.
  • High-power vacuum adsorption to ensure work efficiency.
Advantages of Varisigns Flatbed Digital Cutter machine
Applications of Flatbed Digital Cutter machine
Applications of Varisigns Flatbed Digital Cutter


 Workspace1600x2500mm (5.25’x 8.2’)
 Cutting speedUp to 1800mm/s
 Cutting thicknessUp to 50mm (1.97’’)
 Cutting tolerance±0.1mm (.004’’)
 Cutting toolsStandard: Oscillating knife, drag knife tool.Optional: Pneumatic cutting tool, V-cut tool, Wheel-cut tool, Driven rotary tool, Milling tool, Kiss-cut tool.
 Applicable materialsvinyl, cardboard, fabric, textile, paper, leather, template, die-cutting board, foam, plastic, gasket, rubber, etc.
 Safety deviceIntelligent anti-collision and infrared blocking device
 Transmission systemMitsubishi servo system, belt transmission
 File formatAI, PLT, DXF, HPGL
 Fixed mode9kw Vacuum adsorption
 Working tableAutomatic feeding table
 Power supply220V single phase (machine), 380V 3 phase (vacuum)
 Footprint3425 x 2280 x 1310mm (11.2’ x 7.5’)

Tools Applications of Varisigns Digital Cutting Table

  1. Pneumatic cutting tool: it is good at cutting hard and compact materials, such as KT board, corrugated board, honeycomb board, and grey board.
  2. V-cut tool: it can cut the corrugated boards at different angles, 0, 15, 22.5, 30, and 45 degrees.
  3. Wheel-cut tool: it is suitable for cutting corrugated boards and some thin cardboard.
  4. Oscillating knife: the best choice for cutting materials of medium density like KT board, PVC, and cardboard.
  5. Driven rotary tool: high-speed cutting for fabric, leather, carpet, cloth, etc.
  6. Milling tool: it is mostly used in cutting acrylic, MDF, wood, PVC, and aluminum composite panel.
  7. Kiss-cut tool: it is mainly used in cutting Vinyl materials and stickers.
  8. Drag tool: it is the most universal cutting tool for cutting thin materials like PP paper, coiled material, and Vinyl stickers up to 5mm thick.
Tools Applications of Varisigns Digital Cutting Table
Details of Varisigns Flatbed Digital Cutter
Cutting tools of flatbed digital cutter
Cutting tools of flatbed digital cutter
high precision transmission of Varisigns Flatbed Digital Cutting table
High precision transmission of Varisigns Flatbed Digital Cutting table
high-quality countertop felt of flatabed digtal cutting table
High-quality automatic feeding table
high power exhaust system of Varisigns Flatbed Digital Cutter
The high power exhaust system of Varisigns Flatbed Digital Cutter
exhaust fan of Varisigns Flatbed cutting machine
Exhaust fan of Varisigns Flatbed cutting machine

Are Flatbed Cutting Machines Expensive? 

No, they are not expensive. Yet, many manufacturers do not invest in them. However, they are essential when you want to produce a high-end finish. 

Most fabrication workshops could use a fabric cutting machine. Do remember that when you work in a range of materials, you may need to carry a variety of tooling. 

The advantage of a flatbed cutter is that once you are tooled and set up, you are pretty much good to go for the life of the machine. You need to renew tooling from time to time, but that is true of all fabrication machinery. 

Where Can I Find Digital Cutting Machine for Sale? 

When you are looking for a digital cutting machine that will stand the test of time, it is best to go straight to the manufacturer. That way, you can be sure that you are going to end up investing in a quality product. Not only that, you will have the benefit of the manufacturer’s expertise. 

These days, most manufacturers are very forward-thinking and like to include training with their products. The Chinese flatbed cutter manufacturer Varisigns is well-known for its ongoing support and customer service. On top of that, they develop their software programs in-house and include a 2-year warranty with all of their products. 

Can I Use A Flatbed Cutting Table for My Small Business? 

Absolutely! When you are manufacturing a high-quality personal product in a small business, a high-end finish is a must. That is the reason why your customers turn to you in the first place. 

A digital flatbed cutter will also save you time. Using a jigsaw or other tool for precision cutting is not easy. Investing in a flatbed cutter is a much better idea and less time-consuming. 

Are you ready to find out more about flatbed cutters? When you need more information about the flatbed cutting tables, please feel free to get in touch with Verisign. The pre-sales team is happy to talk you through the different options, and how a flatbed cutter can help you to grow your business and improve the quality of your products.

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