Laser Cutting Machine

Varisigns CNC laser cutting machine, and acrylic laser cutters for sale are best for metal and nonmetal cutting in high speed and accuracy.

Varisigns Laser Cutting Machine
All-in-one best laser cutting machine

What is a Laser Cutting Machine?

Laser cutting machines typically employ either CO2 laser or fiber laser sources for cutting various materials, both metal and non-metal. These materials include carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, as well as non-metal substances like acrylic, rubber, wood, plastic, leather, paper, foam, textiles, and fabrics.

Varisigns’ CNC laser metal cutting machines are designed with user-friendliness in mind, catering to the needs of both large corporations and small businesses alike. They find extensive application in industrial manufacturing processes and are also utilized by small enterprises, educational institutions, hobbyists, and in the fabrication of channel letters.

Pre-calibration of cnc laser metal cutting machine
Varisigns laser cutting machine assembly

Advantages of Laser Cutting Machines from Varisigns

Varisigns CNC laser cutter machines are some of the most advanced cutting laser machines in the world that you can expect:

  • For both metal and nonmetal fabrication.
  • Capability of acrylic cutting thickness up to 40mm or 1.57”.
  • Cutting-edge technology of the versatile laser cutting system for all materials.
  • Can cut through materials at a faster rate than traditional cutting methods, resulting in higher productivity and efficiency.
  • Varisigns Laser cutting machines are designed with safety features such as protective enclosures, interlocks, and laser beam shut-off systems, making them safe to operate.


Varisigns Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine Combined with Co2 Laser Cutter
Model: GY-1325M Plus

High-Quality Combo Laser Cutter Machine (All-in-one cutter)

400W High Precision Metal and Nonmetal Laser Cutting Machine
Model: GY-1325M

400W High Precision Co2 Mixed Laser Cutter Machine

400W Laser Acrylic Cutting Machine with CCD Camera GY-1325L
Model: GY-1325L

400W Laser Acrylic Cutting Machine with CCD Camera

400W Co2 Best Laser Cutter for Small Business GY-1309S
Model: GY-1309S

400W Co2 Best Laser Cutter for Small Business

150W Co2 Acrylic Laser Cutter for Sale at Affordable Price GY-1309N
Model: GY-1309N

150W Co2 Laser Engraving & Cutting Machine at Affordable Price

Entry Level Mixed Laser Cutting Machine for Sale GY-1312M
Model: GY-1312M

Entry Level Mixed Laser Cutter Machine for Sale

Affordable Sheet Metal Laser Cutter for Sale GY-F3015
Model: GY-F3015

Affordable Sheet Metal Laser Cutter for Sale Fiber Cutting Table

High Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine with Exchange Pallet GY-F3015E
Model: GY-F3015E

High Power Industrial Laser Cutting Machine with Exchange Platform

Cutting samples from High Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine with Exchange Pallet
Model: GY-F3015T

Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine for Metal Sheet and Pipes

The Advantages of Investing in New Technology

What are the advantages of investing in new technology for your company? When it comes to manufacturing, there are basically two routes that you can go down. Companies either choose to outsource or invest in in-house manufacturing.

There are many advantages when it comes to investing in in-house manufacturing. That is what most of our customers do.

The Advantages of In-house Manufacturing

When you have your own CNC laser in-house capability, you control the process from start to finish. The product can be designed on your premises and manufactured just a few steps away from the design office. That is one of the main reasons companies set up their own in-house manufacturing facility.

You also control scheduling. That means you can fit in smaller runs in between larger batch manufacturing. It is an excellent way of making the most out of your investment and keeping your manufacturing team busy.

On top of that, you can take on work from other companies. Why not let other companies outsource to your company? Taking in work from other companies which like to sell a product, but do not have your manufacturing capability, is an excellent way of increasing profit.

Expanding your product range is another important part of in-house laser CNC manufacturing. Both local and international markets move very fast. It is not always easy to know what the next big bestseller is going to be. When you have your own manufacturing capability, you can re-tool quickly and switch to meet consumer demand.

What to Expect When You Deal With Varisigns?

First of all, we like to point out that we are very customer-focused. In our business, the customer is still king. These are some of the advantages that you can enjoy when you partner with Varisigns:

  • Excellent pre-sale service – we always match the customer with the right product.
  • Training on customer site or ours.
  • Ongoing support and 24/7 online.
  • Installation service.
  • After-sales service.
  • Continued training.
  • Personalized training.
  • 2-year warranty.
  • On-time delivery.

Since we first opened our doors in 2006, we have dealt with both international and local businesses. We look after everyone in the same way. The team behind Varisigns is passionate about looking after our customers.

Get in Touch With Varisigns

Getting in touch with Varisigns is easy. When you want to get in touch with us, all you have to do is to send us an email. One of our friendly team members will get back to you and help you to take the next step.

We see our customers as business partners. That is very much the ethos of Varisigns. As a team, we look forward to partnering with your business and we are ready to take the next step together. Please feel free to get in touch when you are ready to find out more about our exciting laser cutting and welding products.

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