Are you eager to streamline your channel letter fabrication process through automation with a channel letter bending machine? In today’s digital age, automation is the norm, and this extends to channel letter projects.

Specifically engineered sign-making machines for channel letter applications have emerged, offering a multitude of advantages. However, selecting the right ones is crucial to harnessing these benefits to the fullest. That’s where we step in. Let’s delve into it, or should we say, let’s bend into it!

channel letter bending machine
How does the channel letter bender work
Trimless channel letters by auto bending machine

What is a Channel Letter Bending Machine?

A channel letter bending machine is a fully automated machine that is used in the smooth and easy production of the edges of letters and logos on 3D signs, such as trimless channel letters, reverse, halo-lit, and trim cap letters from stainless steel iron, galvanized steel, brass, copper or aluminum profiles.

Channel letters are critical in storefront advertisements, making up close to 70% of storefront signage. The channel letter machine helps layout and bend channel letters in high precision, which can then be used for signs and the labor costs can extremely be cut off.

Steps in Buying Quality Channel Letter Benders

  • Manufacturer Reliability: Consider how reputable the machine manufacturers are—the more reputable the manufacturer, the better the chances of getting a high-quality product. 
  • Warranty: With these machines, a good and extended warranty is a plus.
  • Price of the machine: Great machines will definitely set you back a few bucks, but not all cheaper or expensive machines are great or even good. You need to be sure you’re paying for the right best letter bender, which is why you must visit a trusted store, and we would happen to know one – Verisign’s.
  • Evaluate the quality, accuracy, technological acumen, and other properties mentioned above to ensure you’re getting a top-notch machine.
samples from varisigns Channel Letter Benders
Trim cap letters by letter bender


best channel letter bending machine VAM-S6 Plus
Model: VAM-S6 Plus

Best Channel Letter Bending Machine for All 3D Letters Making

V notch flange channel letter bending machine for sale
Model: VAM-S18

Channel Letter Bender for Sale With V-Notch and Flange Function

automatic channel letter bending machine VAM-S40
Model: VAM-S40

Super Channel Bender Machine for Large Outdoor Letters

CNC channel letter bending machine VAM-S6
Model: VAM-S6

CNC Channel Letter Bending Machine for Big 3D Letters

entry level channel letter bending machine VAM-S3
Model: VAM-S3

Entry Level Channel Letters Bender for Steel and Aluminum Letters

aluminum channel letter bending machine VAM-S1
Model: VAM-S1

Aluminium Channel Letter Bending Machine for a Startup Sign Shop

How does the channel letter bender work?

The channel letter return is the side of the letter being bent. For instance, two methods can be used for channel letter bending. These are Automated bending and Manual or hand bending.

When we say manual channel bender, it doesn’t mean everything will be done manually. Hand tools are not the only requirement to properly bend a channel letter using this method. Letter brake is a tool that is utilized under this method. It facilitates the process of bending by holding the return in place for the operator to manually bend it. It requires manual labor as opposed to the automated channel letter bending approach that strictly requires the use of the machine. It is usually used when the channel letter material is over .040” aluminum.

Being manual, there is a possibility of error if the level of concentration on the part of the operator is reduced. Hence, operators bending channel letters need to be adequately focused and mindful of the bending to avoid “human errors”. It is cost-effective and manageable for companies that do not have to produce a large number of channel letters. With the manual channel letter, they can always maintain their budget while still being able to use channel letters for a display to passers-by on the street.

When using a channel letter bender machine, the bending is achieved by bending the letter return to automatically form the recognizable shape, which is the main goal of the bending. When you use an automated bending method, the bending is done automatically. What should be done correctly here is the configuration of the bending machine software being used to design the shape of the channel letters to be produced.

On the other manner, manual bending requires a human to bend the letters into a recognizable shape. For these two methods, it is required that the face and the back of the channel letter are routed by automated or manually cut tools to cover the depth of the returns and make it more appealing to the eyes.

This process is clearer when these terms: notching, flanging, and clinching are used to explain the process that comes after a channel letter is already bent. They are very useful to form the structure to which the back of a channel letter is mounted to the return. Hence, this explanation should be helpful when someone tells you he or she is working with a channel letter bender. You will know that he or she is either referring to a machine or a person who specializes in bending letters.

Why Channel Benders?

Channel letters are crucial in driving sales and attracting customers, and many businesses know this, employing experts and professionals to meet their business’ channel letter needs. However, there is only so much a human can do.

An automatic channel bender machine is cost-effective for companies with large production capacity per month. They will need channel letter benders that can help them deliver in a little time.

For this kind of company, an automatic bending machine is very cost-effective. Nevertheless, it is very costly for companies with low production rates. There are more reasons why it is best recommended for companies that are known to produce a substantial capacity of 3D channel letters.

With an automatic letter bender machine, you can enjoy an increased precision of the bend. All you will need to do is to place the letter file into the automatic channel letter equipment interface to bend a return that matches the file specifications with the obvious resemblance. It is important to focus on the outline of the file because what will be fabricated will be as accurate as what is outlined by the person operating the electronic file. Hence, the human error that should be avoided relates to the outline and not the bending like in the case of the manual method.

The Benefits of Using a Channel Bending Machine

  • Channel letter bending increases productivity and makes your team more efficient in meeting up with demands from customers
  • The letter bender is consistent in bending letters the same way without alteration. Whether you want to produce over a million letters or more, they are all going to be identical.
  • With an automatic letter bender, you can always work. It is a machine. It doesn’t fall sick or get delayed due to an unforeseen emergency. It is reliable and efficient.
  • It is easy to operate. You don’t need people trained in the technical field.
  • It is fast and reliable.
  • It can also serve as an alternative source of income.
  • If the channel letter production capacity is increased, the sales team is engaged to be more productive by increasing the number of sales.

Get Your Channel Letter Jobs Automated Today!

Wasting time is no longer appealing in this era. You might be convinced that you are not wasting time. But if we are to check in details, being attached to the traditional way of doing things might be unnecessary for now. Technology has made life easy by building tools like automatic channel letter bending machines to make work more effective. Right now, you can get any type of channel letter machine by checking out the available products and specifications online below to make your signage work more effectively and also increase your productivity.