The very common troubleshooting of 3D sign letters you have to know.

1. LED life is short.

The theoretical service life of LEDs produced by regular manufacturers is generally about 80,000 hours. Nowadays, many of the luminous letters have not been used enough for one year to start replacing LED modules frequently, which brings a lot of trouble and economic loss to customers and advertising manufacturers.  


Purchase qualified LED single lamp pellets produced by regular manufacturers (requires quality parameter description provided by the manufacturer), and make the module yourself. Don’t try to buy LED single light pellets or already made modules in the electronics market. If you need to buy a module, you should see that several resistors are installed on the module.  

It is best not to use a module with one resistor. The resistor acts as a current limiting function in the module and is prone to heat. Continuous use for a long time, once the resistor burns out, this module will not light up. LED lights are generally not bad. Do not throw away the module, just replace it with a resistor of the same resistance. This saves money for the production unit. In order to reduce trouble and save money, it is best to use a module with two resistors.  

In addition, you should have an understanding of the production facilities of the suppliers who make the modules, and see if they use anti-static facilities when making the modules. If there is no anti-static device attached, the LED lamp can be easily damaged by breakdown even if the resistor is not burned out. 

2. The color decays very fast: 

The color of the newly installed light word is pure and bright, and the color can be obviously dimmed after less than one year. It is very ugly to make the font red and red, green and green. 


The safe current of the LED light is generally 20 mA. Above this value, although the brightness will increase, the color attenuation will be significantly accelerated. Therefore, when purchasing an assembled LED module, be sure to test its output current value. Less than 20 mA is not enough brightness, and more than 22 mA affects LED life, which speeds up color decay. 

3. The color is uneven, the color difference is obvious.

Mainly in the large-scale luminous letters made by pure white LED. In the assembly, the performance of the single module is not obvious. After the whole font is assembled, the color difference will be obvious. The whole face is like a map, white, blue and yellow. 


The white LED light is subjected to spectral separation before leaving the factory (the LEDs that have not undergone the separation and color separation are pure white, some blue, some yellow), and the spectrophotometer is expensive. The general small factory does not have such equipment, so the white light produced is generally obtained by the big factory for color separation. Since it is not the product of its own factory, the separation and separation will not be so careful. Some small factories simply do not separate the light. They generally pull customers at low prices.  

Therefore, when buying white LEDs, don’t be blind and cheap. Be sure to buy LED light-emitting tube single-particle lamps or modules of the same manufacturer, same batch, and same color number to make the same batch of luminous letters. 

4. The font part of the stroke, the overall suddenly does not light or when the light does not light. 

After the use of a certain period of time, the local or the entire font light source begins to flash, when the light is off, it does not light until it is completely off. Most of the lighting modules currently on the market are connected by patch cords. In this way, the advertiser is quick and easy to install the lighting module. However, some new problems have also arisen. Because the connectors are easily oxidized by the moisture in the air during long-term use, the contact is poor, and the partial or all circuits are instantaneously powered off or completely powered off, causing the font source to flicker or not bright. 


When the module is made, the connector is not used, and the copper tinned wire is directly connected and then soldered with activated carbon solder. b. Use artificial agate to make a fully enclosed hollow three-dimensional luminous word to isolate the light source from the air. 

5. The font output power is large, and energy-saving is not obvious.

Solution: Try to use a group of LED lighting modules with five lights, so that the number of lights has not changed, and the power is reduced by two-fifths. 

Light source selection:

LEDs can save a lot of power to the country and users, saving a lot of man-hours for the contractor. The development of LED application technology has added new vitality to the highly competitive advertising industry. Its unique and different lighting situation is widely used in the production of advertising products. Different specifications of LEDs have different illumination angles and different brightness.  

The application and use of LED in luminous letters The three-dimensional luminous letters have the following requirements for the light source:

First, the complexity of the LED luminous letters and the different specifications of different items made by the Letter Bender Machine require the versatility of the light source to be unrestricted by the glyph;

Second, the installation of the LED luminous letters made by the installed Letter Bender Machine is extremely inconvenient, in order to reduce the maintenance cost, the light source is required to have a long life;

Lastly, the LED luminous letters made by the channel letter machine should have sufficient brightness.

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