Encountering an issue where your signboard fails to light up can be quite frustrating. To help you navigate through these situations and prevent such occurrences, here are some troubleshooting steps and precautions to keep in mind:

  1. Entire Logo or Text Not Illuminating

If the entire logo or text on your signboard isn’t lighting up, the first thing to check is the power supply. Try replacing the power supply with a new one. If the issue persists, inspect the internal wiring for any disconnections.

  • Correct Power Supply

When replacing the power supply, ensure that you use a 12V, 400W, 33.3A power supply. Keep in mind that the cost of electricity is not economical. While online power supplies may be affordable, they might not be as durable. Therefore, when choosing a power supply, select carefully, especially if you expect your signboard to last longer than a year.

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  • Avoid 24V Power Supply

Be cautious not to choose a 24V power supply by mistake. Using the wrong power supply could lead to the burning of LED lamp beads. Such a mistake might necessitate replacing the entire LED setup.

  • Dim or Non-Uniform Strokes

If certain strokes of your signboard are not lighting up or appear dim, this could be due to internal wiring disconnections. To address this, you’ll need to remove the cover and rewire the affected areas.

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  • Uneven Stroke Brightness

In the case of uneven stroke brightness, it’s likely that some LED lamp beads have failed. Keep a small stock of spare LED lamp beads handy to replace the malfunctioning ones.

  • Persistent Black Shadows

When black shadows are evident, it suggests that some LED lamp beads have sustained damage from prolonged use. Replacing a greater number of LED lamp beads might be necessary.

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  • Color Temperature Consistency

Different brands of LED lamp beads can have varying color temperatures. When conducting repairs, particularly partial ones, it’s advisable to use lamp beads from the original manufacturer to ensure color consistency.

  • Tripping After Rain or Over Time

If your signboard fails to light up after a rainstorm or after being inactive for a while, consider updating the air switch or time control mechanisms. Additionally, inspect the wiring for damage and reconnect as needed.

  • Weather-Related Issues

During bad weather, refrain from repeatedly pushing the switch to turn on the signboard. Instead, wait until the weather clears up before attempting to restart the switch.


Remember, most of the sign making companies provide a free one-year warranty for product accessories and a two-year warranty for the package installation projects. Should you encounter any quality issues during the warranty period, please don’t hesitate to contact our after-sales customer service line for help.

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