Are you still using the traditional way of surface treatment? Why not try the new type of laser cleaning from now on? Let’s talk about their pros and cons today.

Applications of laser cleaning

Laser cleaning is widely used in the removal of surface coatings, paint removal, rust removal and various oxide removal. It is especially suitable for metals, ceramics, tire rubber, etc., with low cost, good effect and no damage to the substrate.

The laser is very suitable for metal surface cleaning, and there are many application points in the market. Such as the removal of thick surface paint in the shipbuilding industry. The advantages of cleaning machine in paint removal have been proven in the market (including high-speed rail, subway wheelset paint removal, aircraft skin paint removal, etc.), but the shipbuilding industry still uses sandblasting high-pressure water to remove thick paint on the surface of the hull.

The potential demand for ship cleaning (including large mechanical parts of steel bridges, oil pipelines and other large infrastructure fields), with the further improvement of cleaning power, the efficiency problem that restricts the development of cleaning applications is expected to be fundamentally solved.

Laser cleaning VS traditional metal surface treatment

Compared with the traditional paint stripping method, what are the advantages and innovations of high-power industrial cleaning technology?

Traditional industrial cleaning, such as chemical cleaning, sandblasting, etc., is heavily polluted and has a great impact on the environment, which is not in line with the current policy concept of green environmental protection and carbon neutrality.

Varibend has launched a composite cleaning system of more than 1000w – handheld laser cleaning systems, handheld laser welding and cutting system in one machine. It is aimed at high-efficiency paint removal in large areas and sheet metal fabrication needs.

Compared with the traditional paint stripping method, the laser paint stripping technology has unparalleled advantages:

(1) No mechanical contact, no damage to the substrate. (2) Accurate positioning of the paint removal, and adaptability to complex shaped objects. (3) Real-time monitoring and timely feedback. (4) High paint stripping efficiency, low operation and maintenance costs. (5) No environmental pollution.

Accelerating the technological upgrading of high-power and large-area cleaning in the surface paint removal industry of aircraft and high-speed rail has good economic and social benefits.

handheld laser welding sample

Pros and Cons in detail

If the traditional cleaning method does not consider pollution and emissions, its production efficiency and cost performance are higher than laser cleaning machines, but if we want to add our protection to the environment as a cost, the traditional cleaning method is not necessarily better than laser cleaner.

Therefore, the development speed of laser cleaner in Europe and the United States is faster than that in China. The reason is because of the background, and now the country is gradually paying attention to environmental protection.

Let’s talk about a market replaced by laser cleaner. As a new product and a new technology, a laser cleaner is actually a tool that it wants to be replaced. The global industrial cleaning market value is 360 billion, and laser cleaner only accounts for 1.16%. Therefore, our mission is to promote green cleaning to replace more defective industrial cleaning links, and jointly promote the R&D and application of laser cleaner, rather than internalizing each other. Compete for the developed 1.16% of the market. Only by adhering to the mission of continuous technological innovation and solving problems for more customers can we go further in the competition.

handheld laser welding system

The future of cleaning technology

Limited by technology and cost-effectiveness, laser cleaner will develop in two aspects in the future. On the one hand, it will develop towards high-end, replacing sandblasting machines, and developing towards high power or even ultra-high power to improve the efficiency of cleaning; on the other hand, it will develop towards civilians. It can replace the angle grinder and improve the cost-effectiveness of laser cleaner.

The market demand has spawned higher industry requirements for the laser cleaning equipment. Although cleaning cannot replace traditional cleaning technology on a large scale at present, with the advancement of technology and the improvement of environmental protection requirements, laser cleaner will eventually affect global cleaning in some fields.

By developing new cleaning systems and equipment and optimizing the cleaning process, the cleaning efficiency is improved, the cost is reduced, the damage to the surface to be cleaned and the injury to the operator is reduced, and the realization of green, efficient and automated metal surface cleaning process is bound to be the future market need.

handheld laser cutting

Development trend of laser cleaning

With the outbreak of the domestic laser industry, the price of laser light sources continues to drop, and the price of the whole machine will also drop. The lower the price of our products, the greater the sales volume, so the market will gradually increase in the future, and people’s awareness and acceptance of laser cleaner will also gradually increase.

And those of us who focus on lasers will also devote ourselves to developing new technologies to replace and make up for some of the drawbacks of traditional industrial cleaning. The growth rate of China’s industrialization leads the world. Although laser clean was initiated by Europe and the United States, it is inevitable that the domestic laser clean technology and application will surpass Europe and the United States over time. We will do our best to promote this development process. The development process of green intelligent industrial cleaning in China and even the world.


As a green and environmentally friendly cleaning method, laser cleaning can realize automation and intelligence at the same time. We believe that its future is infinite.

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