Stainless steel letters are the most popular signs besides aluminum letters. It can be made in various styles, and there are more types than aluminum channel letters. The categories are divided into illuminated letters and non-illuminated letters. Today we will talk about the types of illuminated letters.

What are Illuminated Stainless Steel Letters

Illuminated stainless steel letters are made by cutting the panel with a laser cutting machine, grinding and polishing carefully, and then joint the bottom plate, and polishing again to make the channel letter smooth and flat. Every step of the production process is finely ground and carefully completed by experienced workers to ensure the quality and effect of the finished product.

In addition, according to the different requirements of customers, the literal can also be brushed, mirrored, plated titanium, antique and other processing. The surface of brushed stainless steel illuminated letters has a filamentous texture, but it cannot be felt by hand. It is more wear-resistant than ordinary smooth stainless steel and has a long service life. Mirror stainless steel illuminated letters have strong visual effects, as smooth and flat as a mirror, giving people a strong three-dimensional and metallic texture.

How Many Types of Illuminated Stainless Steel Letters

1. Stainless steel light box letters

First, bend the frame of the channel letter with a letter bending machine, weld a narrow sideband on the channel letter, put an acrylic light-transmitting board on the front, and then use a 1-2cm PVC board as the bottom box or weld the bottom box with iron sheets. And finally, install the led lights and turn on the power to complete the production. Suitable for storefront signs, image wall signs, etc.

Stainless steel light box letters

2. Stainless steel resin letters

Stainless resin letters or we call epoxy resin letters, it is generally welded by stainless steel backplate and sidewall, polished, painted, installed with the LED light source, inlaid with the transparent acrylic board, and finally filled with resin glue, and is done after drying. The resin letters have the characteristics of high-grade and super bright and have gradually become popular in recent years. It is mostly used in the logo and store signs of chain brand stores.

Stainless steel resin letters

3. Stainless steel backlit letters

The backlit letter or reverse channel letter is welded by stainless steel front panel and sidewall. It is made of precision craftsmanship and originated from Hong Kong craftsmanship. The back is equipped with a LED light source and is made of rear projection light, which is usually used in hotels, KTVs, etc.

4. Front punching illuminated letters

The stainless steel plate is used as the letter shell, the front is punched, laser welded, polished and painted, and the LED exposed waterproof light string is installed. It is mostly used for outdoor billboards in commercial places such as large shopping malls, enterprises and real estate.

Front punching illuminated letters

5. Side punching illuminated letters

The production method is the same as that of the lightbox letters, except that the sidebands are punched, which can transmit light. There are two kinds of front light-emitting and non-light emitting. The light source of sidelight is usually soft yellow light and blue light source, so the effect of light transmission gives people a more comfortable feeling, which is suitable for use in hotels, KTV, and other entertainment places.

Side punching illuminated letters

6. Solid 3D letters stainless steel

This kind of craftsmanship is less rare, usually car logos, and is noted for its unique water chestnut three-dimensional surface, with backlight, the effect is remarkable, noble and luxurious, outstanding.

Stainless steel solid 3D letters

In Conclusion

Stainless steel illuminated letters have the advantages of high brightness, energy-saving and environmental protection, easy installation, and low maintenance cost. They are currently the mainstream fonts in metal illuminated letters.

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