This blog post will tell you the top 10 ideas of 3D letters making. When night falls, the luminous signs on the street will light up. This has become a commonplace scenery for us. If you have observed carefully, you will find that these luminous letters are different from each other. 

1. Double-sided Luminous Signs

It is made of colored acrylic sheet, mirror stainless steel and LED lamp. It is characterized by uniform light emission, excellent visual effects, and long service life.

3d letters making of Double-sided luminous signs

2. Resin Letters of 3D Letters Making

It is well received by people for its uniform and bright luminous effect and diversified visual presentation.

Resin Letters

3. 3D Letters Making of Lightbox Letters

The most common is the stainless steel light box letter, which has both the metallic feel of stainless steel and the beauty of acrylic. It is the mainstream of outdoor 3D channel letters.

Lightbox letters

4. 3D Letters Making of Punching Luminous Letters

The punching luminous letters are made by the channel letter sidewall with punching holes, the luminous source of the letters is not blocked by objects, so the brightness is very strong. It is the best choice for high-rise large advertising letter signs, but it is not suitable for billboards of close viewing.

Punching luminous letters

5. 3D Letters Making of Boundless Channel Letters

Boundless channel letters sometimes also named trimless letters, it is composed of three parts: the front, the edge, and the light source, and has the advantages of smooth surface, uniform light emission, strong three-dimensional effect, and bright colors.

Boundless channel letters

6. 3D Letters Making of Vacuum Formed Letters

The vacuum-formed sign letters are colorful and durable, and have a strong visual impact no matter day or night.

Vacuum formed letters

7. Three-sided Luminous Signs

Three-sided luminous signs are also called all-body luminous letters. It is composed of side strips, LED lights, panels, bottom plates, etc., and features impact resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and high strength.

Three-sided luminous signs

8. 3D Letters Making of Back-lit Sign Letters

The light is soft and eye-catching, the effect is good during day and night, the form is diverse, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly, and there is a three-dimensional visual sense after the light is turned on.

Back-lit sign letters

9. Light Bulb Letters

A retro-crafted luminous letter, generally composed of a metal base and a rim, and the light source is a spherical lamp or a tungsten lamp, which is bright and eye-catching.

Light bulb letters

10. 3D Letters Making of Neon Signs

Because of their cold cathode characteristics, neon lights can adapt to different environments and are not restricted by the climate in use, and neon lights have a strong penetrating power.

Neon signs

 These are the common luminous 3D letters making, which one do you pick? If you want to know more, you can also contact our team about the production process of each type of sign letter and which of our channel letter machines can help you achieve it. 

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