Acrylic Vacuum Forming Machine With Pressing Frame

The best affordable vacuum forming machine for acrylic channel letter signs and lightboxes.

  • Model: GY-1325VF
  • Workspace: 1300 x 2500mm (4’x8′)
  • Forming height: up to 250mm
  • Materials: acrylic


The acrylic vacuum forming machine is mainly used to make acrylic vacuum forming channel letter signs, vacuum forming sign light boxes, and other kinds of signs.


  1. Vacuum automatically with one mould only, safe and high efficiency.
  2. Users can easy to observe the situation inside from the transparent window.
  3. Different designs can be processed in one sheet at the same time, labor costs, and time-saving.
  4. The new design of pressing frame with silicone glue seal is easy to adjust, which more convenient for users to process different sizes designs.
  5. The vacuum forming machine can process various designs, such as falling flat, raised flat, multiple layers, multi-leveled substructure, ball-like, curved, and relievo freely by just a single manual carved or machine engraved mold.
  6. Simple configurations to make it less maintenance.

Technical Parameters

technical parameter of acrylic vacuum forming machine


vacuum forming machine samples 02
vacuum forming machine samples 01


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