Varisigns Channel Bender Machine Software Demo

Bender Software Operation on VAM-S18

Material Parameters Setup in Bender Software

Parameters Settings on VAM-S6 Plus

Mainboard Connection on VAM-S6 Plus

How to Feed the Channel Letter Coil

Installation of Channel Letter Bending Machine

Calibration on Aluminum Letter Bender VAM-S1

Bending Calibration on All Series

How-to-do: Inner selection for left (balance & force), outer selection for right (balance & force). NOTE: opposite direction on VAM-S40.

Feeding Calibration on All Series

When-to-do: When machine output the incorrect size, re-calibrate the feeding to make sure your bender in good accuracy.

Saw Blade Slotting Depth Calibration

How-to-do: Saw blade for aluminum or aluminum profiles ONLY, increase number to have less depth, decrease to have more depth.

Knife Slotting Depth Calibration

How-to-do: Knife for aluminum or steel coils slotting, when aluminum coil thickness is 1.0mm (.040”) or over, knife preferred.

Slotting & Bending Span Calibration

When-to-do: When output letters in wrong bending or slotting position. For instance, early or late bending (slotting).

Arc Offset Calibration

When-to-do: When output letters one side is longer than another, suppose the letter “U” and such as this kind of letter with curves.

Installation & Calibration on Fiber Handheld Welder

Installation & Calibration on Yag Laser Welding Machine

Replace the Laser Lamps of 300W and 500W Laser Welder with Tabletop

Replace the Protection Lens of the 1kw, 1.5kw and 2kw Fiber Handheld Laser Welder