Aluminum Profile Channel Letter Rounded Corner Bender Bending Tools



Channel Letter Rounded Corner Bender Details:

Diameter: 20mm (0.79″), 30mm (1.18″) & 43mm (1.69″)
Processing Material: Aluminum
It can bend aluminium 0.8mm

• A set containing a tripod, a rounded frame, three different specifications of the drum;
• Height is twelve centimeters, suitable for normal trim needs;
• Tripod has forty-five degrees and a ninety degrees;
• Tripod and circular shelves have set aside mounting holes, when using, please fixed.
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Channel Letter Rounded Corner Bender Usage:

1. Engraving acrylic panel;
2. Slotted aluminum (or other metal trim materials), after bending, toward the edge of the acrylic panel began around the word;
3. Encountered arc, according to the panel, put the sidebar on the top of the roller (Depending on the size of the arc to select a different drum), grasp both sides of the sidebar, pulling the roll or directly pressure to fit the curvature;
4. Scroll to roughly arc, alignment panel, continue around the edges, you can take a small rubber hammer finishing;
5. For triangular prism, slotted and then use, or small-angle extrusion, bending.


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