Manual Metal Welder Welding Machine Tool



Machine size: 31cm x 16cm x 26cm(L x W x H)
Power: 220V/110v, 400W

Features of Manual Metal Welder Welding Machine Tool

• Eddy-current heating, large power, microcomputer temperature control, auto-feeding tin, welding secure, homo-thermal operation which doesn’t damage the protection film.
• Adjustable temperature, quick speed of welding, smooth welding seam.
• Auto hibernation after 20 minutes without operation.
• Along with newly developed environmental welding agent, 3-5 times of work efficiency than traditional welding process.
• Simple operation, that is easy for ordinary workers to master.
• The gun body using long-life design, Low power consumption, non pollution, environmental protection and durability.

Weldable for stainless steel, titanium plate, iron sheet, copper, galvanized sheet, etc. which is widely used in advertising metal letters welding work.
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Additional information

Weight N/A

220V, 110V


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