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Description of Luxury Manual Acrylic Bending Tools, A+U Type

Processing Material: Acrylic, Plastic, PVC, Plexiglass
This Luxury Manual Acrylic Bending Tools, A+U Type is ideal for LED Acrylic Lighting Channel Letters, acrylic sign letters making.
It is suitable for heating acrylic within 1.5mm-4mm (0.06″ x 0.16″) thickness.

Features of Luxury Manual Acrylic Bending Tools

• Adopting PTC heating elements;
• Aluminum alloy thermal conductive plate is heating even;
• Adopts high quality heat-resistant engineering plastics, non-stick the acrylic sheet;
• Easy to operate and durable.
• PTC heating elements have features of safe and energy-saving, fast heat up, durable, automatic temperature control.
• Aluminum alloy thermal conductive plate can automatic adjust the angle between heating plate and acrylic.
• Making angle bending straight.
• Make your curved angles in beautiful arc.
• Easy operation, time-saving.
• Warranty: 2 years.

Specifications of Luxury Manual Acrylic Bending Tools

Voltage: AC 100-240V
Constant Power: Arc bending 60W±10%, Angle bending 39W±10%
Heating Temperature: 200°C±5%
Bending Letter Hight: 0 – 100mm (3.9″)
Bending Thickness: 1.5mm – 4mm
Arc bending soft time (2.5mm thickness, 20℃): About 9 seconds
Angle bending soft time (2.5mm thickness, 20℃): About 3 seconds
Arc Heater Size: 100mm x 50mm x 2mm (3.9″ x 2″ x 0.08″)

Details of Luxury Manual Acrylic Bending Tools

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360 Degree Rotate End: Many tools are used frequently, its power cable is easy to get kink and break up. But our acrylic bending tools can avoid this situation because of the 360 degree rotate design of the power cable and heating plate joint.
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Remarks of Luxury Manual Acrylic Bending Tools

• You’d better use the bender with proper strength; otherwise it will cause heat loss and heat uneven.
• If the arc length is greater than heating plate breadth, you can use the arc bender to heat 1-3 times continuously and arrange in a row. The arc length be bent is within 150mm.
• With short preheat time; restart the bender won’t waste too much time. If you do not use it more than 5 minutes, please shut off the power switch to save electricity.
• Please do not put the heating plate onto the power cable.
• Kindly remind you that heating transparent acrylic could leave tiny marks on the material, which is not clear on the acrylic of other colors. Please notice it when you place an order.
• 1pc Teflon Adhesive Tape will be gift for you when you buy A type angle bending tools.

How to use the High Temperature PTFE Teflon Adhesive Tape?
Place cut the adhesive tape into 3mm width, and then stick them on both sides of angle bender respectively. The Teflon adhesive tape can be used many times.
You can use the Teflon Adhesive Tape when you want heat pvc board.

Comparison for Our Original acrylic bending tools and Copycat Acrylic Bender 

For now there are many copycat acrylic bender, acrylic bending machine, handheld acrylic bending tools in the market with inferior quality and awful performance. It will highly effect work efficiency in 3D letter channel making process.We list the comparison between our original acrylic bender and copycats acrylic bender as below; it is for clients better knowing how to choose acrylic bender before purchase.We bought copycats products below and disassemble them to list their parts and our acrylic bender inside parts for clients better knowing about their quality.
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 Heating plate of our Acrylic Bender  Heating plate of COPYCAT Acrylic Bender
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Temperature Control PCB part of our Acrylic Bender Temperature Control PCB part of COPYCAT
Acrylic Bender
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Power Switch part of our Acrylic Bender Power Switch part of COPYCAT Acrylic Bender
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Power Plug of our Acrylic Bender Power Plug of COPYCAT Acrylic Bender


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 Our Acrylic Bender  COPYCAT Acrylic Bender
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About heating insulation film, the reason our acrylic bender do not put heat insulation film is the operator do not need to use finger to clamp this area to bend acrylic sheet. If you choose our original acrylic bender, you just need to handheld to operate as bellow.
As the copycat cannot hold the acrylic sheet seamlessly so that will need your finger to help to bend it like below
picture, so they have to put insulation film or their acrylic bender cannot hold and bend acrylic bender fully.
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Our Acrylic Bender COPYCAT Acrylic Bender
About Vertical guide in copycat products, as we design acrylic bender its head are all flat, so it will have an vertical angle against desk when operator use it, so this vertical guide is totally useless. Our Acrylic bender head are all designed to be flat, that will have vertical angle when operator use it against desk
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Usage of Luxury Manual Acrylic Bending Tools

Connect the power cable, after about 60 seconds heating time, you can use the bender. Using the angle or arc bender vertically clamp the acrylic plate, soften the acrylic plate several seconds, and then remove the bender, make angle and arc you want, fix it with glue. Sharp Corner Bending Machine Tool (Acrylic Angle Bending Tools)

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Round Corner Bending Machine Tool (Acrylic Arc Bending Machine Tool)
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Processing Material: Acrylic, Plastic, PVC, Plexiglass
This type acrylic bender is ideal for LED Acrylic Lighting Channel Letters, acrylic sign letters making.
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