About Warranty

Two-year warranty time, lifetime unlimited technical support, and 24/7 online customer service!

Comprehensive Equipment Warranty

Varisigns guarantees that all products are qualified and the technical indicators have reached the factory inspection of OQC (factory quality control).

(1) All equipment or machines (except consumables) we sell are provided with a 2-year warranty as a whole. 

(2) The buyer has two options (-or) repair methods: Normal – The buyer returns the defective part, and Varisigns will determine whether to repair or replace it with a new part. Urgent: The buyer purchases a replacement part and returns the defective part at the same time. Varisigns will identify and decide whether to refund the replacement part. 

(3) Warranty start time: Once such equipment is shipped out.

 (4) For maintenance service, please provide the purchase order invoice (indicating the equipment or machine model, name, and date of sale), equipment or machine serial number, fault or fault description, and preferably attach photos or videos.

 (5) The purchase order PI is an important document to protect your legitimate rights and interests. Please keep it properly after purchase.

Supplementary Note, the Following Conditions are NOT within the scope of the 2-year Warranty

(1) Any product or merchandise not sold by Varisigns (model and serial number are not issued by Varisigns).

 (2) Any unauthorized maintenance, use error, damage, negligence, misuse, accident, alteration or modification, quality problem caused by incorrect installation.

 (3) Tearing up or altering the label or serial number of the equipment or machine.

 (4) Natural use such as normal consumption or abrasion, wear or aging of the cover or casing, connector or unit, etc. 

(5) The operating environment (temperature and humidity) does not meet the requirements specified in the instruction manual.

 (6) Failures or malfunctions caused by incorrect operation or failure to follow the instructions in the manual or instruction manual. 

(7) Parts or software not purchased from Varisigns. 

(8) Vulnerable parts or vulnerable parts;

(9) Failure or damage caused by natural disasters or force majeure (such as earthquakes, fires, floods, typhoons, lightning strikes, etc.).

For Receiving Equipment or Machinery:

Usually, we will provide you with pictures of the equipment or machine and its packaging before shipment to prove that such items are intact.

When receiving the goods, if the outer packaging is found to be damaged, please open it first to check whether the contents in the package are damaged, please do not sign for receipt.

If you find damage, you can definitely refuse to sign, and then make a claim to the courier service company. At the same time, please take photos of the damaged packaging and items and contact us (our sales consultant you know or send an email to “support@varisigns.com”). Therefore, our staff will assist you in handling such disputes.