Acrylic Bending Machine

Varisigns acrylic bending machine for sale may carry out your acrylic fabrication job accurately and much faster!

Can you bend acrylic materials? Yes, you most certainly can. Bending acrylic was always a challenge even for the most experienced tool rooms and workshops. Having an acrylic bending machine on your workshop floor is a great way to expand your business, or start a business for that matter.

When you start looking around for a plastic bending machine for sale, you need to take into consideration how much space you have available and the purpose of the machine. The best thing you can do is to get in touch with a professional manufacturer of acrylic bending machines.

One of the leading manufacturers of acrylic bender machines is Verisign. They have been manufacturing a variety of fabrication machinery since 2006.

acrylic bending machine
Acrylic bending machine

A Mini Guide to the Acrylic Bending Machine

An acrylic bender, is the right tool to have available when you need to bend and mould acrylic sheets. For instance, if you are thinking about manufacturing acrylic letters or display materials, you can save a lot of time when you use an acrylic bender machine. The machine will carry out the job accurately and much faster.

What Temperature Does Acrylic Bend At?

One of the tricks to bending acrylic accurately is bending it at the right temperature. Home-made acrylic bender machines are never going to be able to achieve a consistent temperature of 160 Celsius to complete the process smoothly.

If you want to bend acrylic without tearing the material, the best thing to do is to invest in a bending machine from a recognized manufacturer.

Do I Need Training?

Yes, you will need the training to use an acrylic bender. However, it is fairly easy to learn. When you buy your machine from a reputable supplier, some kind of training package will be included.

Normally you can learn how to use the machine in a matter of days. Before you embark on your first project, you want to experiment and make sure that you are fully confident in using the machine.


automatic acrylic bending machine 1200b 01
Model: VS-1200B

48″ (1200mm) Automatic Acrylic Bending Machine for Lightbox Showcase

automatic acrylic bender machine
Model: VS-1800B

71” (1800mm) Automatic Plastic Bending Machine for Lightbox Display Case

plastic bender machine
Model: VS-2400B

94″ (2400mm) Automatic Acrylic Bender Machine for Sale

vacuum forming machine
Model: GY-1325VF

Acrylic Vacuum Forming Machine With Pressing Frame

What Is Acrylic Such A Popular Material?

One of the reasons acrylic is a good material when it comes to outside displays is because it is very resistant to the elements.

It is only really affected by extreme heat. It does have to be very hot for the acrylic to become damaged or distorted. The cold does not really affect acrylic at all. You can even insert electric components in acrylic tubing.

The surface of acrylic has a higher resistance when compared to other materials. This is what makes acrylic such an amazing insulator. Larger size fish tanks are always made from acrylic as they can tolerate higher water pressure.

Used in the right way, acrylic will not produce harmful microplastics that can damage the environment.

When you are ready to find out more about acrylic bending or invest in your own acrylic bending machine, all you have to do is to contact Varisigns. The team at the company is easy to reach by email. They will quickly get back to you and explain more of the benefits of this machine.

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