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71” (1800mm) Automatic Acrylic Bender Machine for Lightbox Display Case

The best acrylic bending machine for acrylic, plastic, PC, PVC and PP up to 1800mm working length.
  • Model: VS-1800B
  • Working Length: 1800mm (71”)
  • Footprint: 90″ x 18″
  • Materials: acrylic, plastic, PC, PVC and PP
  • Thickness: 0.8mm~20mm
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Applications of 71″ (1800mm) Automatic Acrylic Bender Machine 

This 71″ (1800mm) Automatic Acrylic Bender Machine is increasingly used in school science and technology innovation courses, decoration projects, square column or corner packaging, fish tanks, window sides, display counters, supermarket shelves, advertising light boxes, handicraft production, etc. Acrylic, plastic, PC, PVC and PP. The hot bending processing equipment can adjust the angle and shape arbitrarily within 30-180 degrees.

Decoration industry: Acrylic folding, acrylic display stand, acrylic decorative bending, etc.
Industry: machinery safety shields, production line shields, production line booths, storage boxes, etc.


Features of 71″ (1800mm) Automatic Acrylic Bender Machine 

  • Automatic and manual functions for CNC operation
  • The softening gap can be adjusted according to the plate thickness
  • The heating plate can be fixed to avoid slander
  • Acrylic bending machine has an infrared heating system, which can extend the service life, instead of heating furnace filament.
  • The temperature and working voltage can be adjusted according to the material and thickness.
  • Water circulation protection configuration, overheating alarm temperature to ensure the safety of the machine.
  • The current package protects the device.
  • Curved acrylic support for PVC, PE, PS, ABS, PP, etc.
  • End of thickness range: 0.8mm to 6mm (no need to cut grooves on the sheet), 6.00mm to 20mm (need to cut grooves on the sheet).

Technical Parameters of 71″ (1800mm) Automatic Acrylic Bender Machine 

Bending Thickness0~0.8″ (20mm)
Working Length1800mm
Power supply380v 3 phase
Working Area71″ / 1800mm (W) x unlimited (L)
Maximum Process Thickness20mm
Main ApplicationsBending the materials like acrylic, plastic, PC, PVC and PP. Hot bending process equipment. It can be adjust any angle and shape within 30-180 degree.

Samples of 71″ (1800mm) Automatic Acrylic Bending Machine 

acrylic bending machine samples 02 acrylic bending machine samples 01

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