Handheld Metal Grinder Tool



Features of Handheld Metal Grinder Tool

• Grind and polish metal and non-metal products by applying with abrasive strip of a high-speed movement.
• Easy to operate and could polish smaller small-opening and sharp-corner.
• Hard to splash, the post-grinded areas are smooth and flat which would be easy to process in the step of polishing treatment.
• Dynamic drive, regulated six-speed design, more suitable, could satisfy the demand of various products.
• Abrasive strip is easy to dismounting and safe. Consumable is reasonable and usage cost is low.

Adjustable angle:
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Application of Handheld Metal Grinder Tool

Finished metal character, metal board, stair railing, metal products, wood products, plastic products and other materials.
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Additional information

Weight N/A

110V, 220V


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