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  • metal grinding machine

    Desktop Metal Grinding Machine


    Features of Desktop Metal Grinding Machine 1. Select high-quality corundum strip and grind as table-stationed. Convenient for grind, fast speed and post-grinded surface is very smooth. 2. Abrasion cutting degree of grinding tray could adjust based on requirement and offer more treatment space for product. 3. The work of polishing treatment could start only by…

  • handheld metal grinder

    Handheld Metal Grinder Tool


    Features of Handheld Metal Grinder Tool • Grind and polish metal and non-metal products by applying with abrasive strip of a high-speed movement. • Easy to operate and could polish smaller small-opening and sharp-corner. • Hard to splash, the post-grinded areas are smooth and flat which would be easy to process in the step of…