Air Cooled Handheld Fiber Laser Welder

This innovative tool is perfect for precision welding and is a must-have for any professional welder.

Are you tired of being tethered to a traditional welding setup? Yearning for a tool that gives you the freedom to weld on the go? Look no further, as we introduce the game-changer – the Air Cooled Handheld Fiber Laser Welder!

This futuristic welding device is rewriting the rules of the welding game, offering precision, portability, and power, all in the palm of your hand. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the ins and outs of the Air Cooled Fiber Laser Welder handheld, from its cutting-edge technology to its real-world applications. Buckle up as we take you on a journey through the fascinating world of handheld laser welding machine.

Picture this: a compact device that combines the precision of fiber laser technology with the convenience of being handheld. The Air Cooled Fiber Laser Welder handheld is a marvel of engineering, designed to deliver accuracy without sacrificing mobility.

air cooled fiber laser welder
Air Cooled fiber laser welding machine
air cooled laser welding

Advantages of Air Cooled Laser Welder

  • Air-cooled – 80% Energy Savings.
  • Speed – 5X Faster than Tig Welding.
  • Portable- Footprint 1.95’x1’, Lightweight 110lbs, easy to take away.
  • Versatile – Welding, cutting, cleaning, weld path cleaning.
  • Duty cycle – 24-hour continuous welding.
  • Higher quality – less post-weld grinding/cleaning.
  • Simple setup – can be installed in minutes.
  • Easy to learn and use – 10 minutes around to learn to weld like a Pro.
  • Wide range welding capability from 0.6mm to 6mm (0.02’’-0.20’’).
  • Minimal heat affected zone – less distortion and damage to parts.

Where the Air Cooled Handheld Fiber Laser Welder Shines

  1. Automotive Repairs – Revolutionize your automotive repair shop with the Air Cooled Hand held Fiber Laser Welder. Its portability allows technicians to tackle repairs on the spot, from fixing exhaust systems to addressing intricate bodywork.
  2. Construction Site Efficiency – Construction sites demand tools that can keep up with the fast-paced environment. This handheld marvel fits the bill perfectly. Weld structural components, repair equipment, and enhance efficiency without the hassle of a stationary welding setup.
  3. Artistic Welding Projects – Artistic welders, rejoice! The Air Cooled Hand-held Laser Welder is your new best friend. Create intricate metal sculptures, weld delicate designs, and bring your artistic visions to life without being tethered to a workshop.
air cooled laser cutting

How the Parameters Look Like

Laser Power700W1200W1500W2000W
FunctionWelding, Cutting, Cleaning, Weld path cleaning
Laser SourceOptical Fiber 1080nm
Laser ModeContinuous Mode & Spot Mode
Cooling ModeAir cooled
Weld Seams0.2~5mm adjustable
Fiber Cable Length10 meters (33ft)
Welding Depth0.6mm ~ 6mm (1/4’’)
Power Required220v single phase, 40A
Gas RequiredNitrogen or Argon
Machine Size600*300*600mm
Net Weight50Kg (110lbs)
Package IncludedWelding machine, auto wire feeder, safety glasses, consumables.

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Air Cooled Fiber Laser Welder: The Future of Welding

In conclusion, the Air Cooled Hand Laser Welder is not just a tool; it’s a welding revolution. With its combination of precision, portability, and power, it opens up new possibilities for welders across various industries.

Say goodbye to the constraints of traditional welding setups and embrace the freedom of handheld laser welding machine. Whether you’re an automotive technician, a construction professional, or an artistic welder, this device is poised to elevate your craft to new heights.

So, gear up, welders of the future, and let the Air Cooled Handheld welding redefine the way you approach welding. The revolution is here, and it fits snugly in the palm of your hand!

FAQs: Clearing the Air about the Air Cooled Laser Welding System

Q 1: Why Go for Air Cooling?

Ah, great question! You see, air-cooled laser welders, like those championed by Varisigns, harness the power of air as a coolant. The result? Lightweight, portable equipment that’s as convenient as your favorite tool!

Q2: Air-Cooled vs. Water-Cooled – Any Significant Differences?

Absolutely! According to Varisigns Laser, air-cooled models don’t bother with water tanks. Instead, they opt for a fan to direct air to the welding process. It’s a choice between efficiency and simplicity!

Q3: Can the Air Cooled Fiber Laser Welder handle heavy-duty welding tasks?

Absolutely! Despite its portable size, this handheld wonder is designed to tackle a wide range of welding tasks, including heavy-duty applications. Its precision and power make it a versatile tool for both intricate and robust welding projects.

Q4: Is it suitable for beginners?

Certainly! The user-friendly design of the Air Cooled Handheld Fiber Laser Welder makes it accessible for beginners. Its intuitive controls and ergonomic grip ensure a smooth learning curve, allowing even those new to welding to harness its power effectively.

Q5: How Much for a Handheld Laser Welder?

Curious about the costs? Varisigns breaks it down for you. Spoiler alert: it’s more affordable than you might think! It is all covered.

And there you have it – a whirlwind tour through the FAQs of Air-Cooled Handheld Fiber Laser Welders. Now you’re armed with knowledge, ready to conquer your welding projects with confidence!

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