Trim cap channel letters are one of the best things that you can have to make your signs stand out. Compared to other 3D signages, trim caps letters guarantee better visibility and durability. This makes it perfect no matter if you’re the person having trim caps or you’ll be using it for business.

The only issue, though, is, how can you make trim cap letters? Do you do it by hand or using machines?

Of course, you have the choice to do either. In this article, however, we’re going to focus on guiding you on how to make trim cap channel letters by machine. We’ll also fill you in with all the other information that you should know before, during, and after the process.

What are Trim Cap Channel Letters?

The main difference between trim cap channel letters and regular 3D channels letters is the presence of trim caps.

Trim caps refer to the cap (either plastic or aluminum) that surrounds the channel. Its main role is to ensure that channel stays attached to the 3D letter’s return. Hence, channel letters trim cap refer to a type of 3D channel letters that come with a surrounding cap.

One of the primary qualities of trim caps is their versatility. It can come in various designs and colors, which makes it a good fit no matter the theme one is going for. This also assures wide customization options.

You can use channel letter trim cap for basically anything. You can display it in your room, use it for your business, or sell it to earn extra.

What Makes Good Trim Cap Channel Letters?

Trim cap channel letters still need to have a certain set of qualities in order to be considered high-quality. Here are some things that you should look for:

Defined Curves

A trim cap channel letter will be nothing if its forming isn’t defined. It will just look like a regular cut-out instead of appealing signage.

Hence, you should ensure that the cutting and bending process will provide defined shapes of your design.

Visible Designs

If you used more than a solid color and opted for patterns, then the trim cap letters should have a visible design. Otherwise, there will be no point in formulating detailed graphics.

Note, though, that minuscule designs won’t fit that well with trim caps. This is most especially if you’re going to make a large-sized 3D letter rather than a small one.


It’s important to take durability into account since your trim cap letter should be able to hold itself in signage boards.

A trim cap channel letter’s durability will greatly rely on the kind of materials you will use. Hence, it’s just right that you look for high-quality bases for your output.

Of course, to ensure that you will be getting the said qualities and more in your output, you have to use the right kind of materials and machine.

trim cap channel letters by Varisigns channel letter machine

What Materials Do You Need to Make Trim Cap Letters?

To make trim cap letters, here are the materials that you should prepare:

Base Materials

Base materials refer to the materials that you’ll use for the trim cap letter’s cap and body. These can refer to aluminum, steel, plastic, or acrylic.


Second up, you’ll need a machine to do processes like cutting and bending for you. Without this, you’ll have to do everything by hand, which is not the easiest thing around.

Designing Software

If you’re going to make the design yourself, then you’ll also need functional designing software, usually Coreldraw, to do so.

Keep in mind that high-quality materials equate to high-quality final output. Hence, don’t opt for whatever is available, and make time to actually look for credible materials and equipment.

What Kind of Machine Do You Need for Trim Cap Letters?

Mainly, you will need a channel letter bending machine to learn how to make trim caps channel letter by machine. The overall features will vary depending on the machine and brand. Still, the primary thing that you should look for is the unit’s ability to perform processes related to cutting and shaping.

Here are some channel letter machines that you can avail of from Varisigns if you’re looking for a good trim cap letter making machine:

Best All-in-One Channel Letter Bending Machine

The best All-in-One Channel Letter Bender Machine will be ideal for all kinds of channel letter coils. This can support stainless steel, iron, copper, aluminum strips, and trim cap coils. You can also use this no matter the kind of 3D letters you want to have.

trim cap letter by Varisigns channel bender

V-notch and Flange Channel Letter Bending Machine

The automatic channel letter bender with v-notch and flange functions is another model which can make trim cap 3D sign letters, the difference is this machine can make the trim body with a flange back or 90 degrees bent back and the channel letter trim cap is normally made of jewelite trim cap coils or we say the plastic aluminum as cap cover.

After installing the LED, you need to screw the side of the cap and clinch or rivet the backing. The advantage of this kind of trim cap letters are very strong against wind and easy to repair.

 Automatic Letter Bender, on the other hand, assures a more convenient trim cap letter making because of the automatic bending process. To buy the machine, simply visit our site or send us a message to get a quote. You can also check out more of our offered machines on our website.

How Can You Make Trim Cap Channels Letters by Machine?

There are different processes depending on what kind of machine you’re using. Generally, however, you will deal with the following steps:

Step 1: Make your design using the graphic designing software.

The first step involves opening your design software. From there, you can start making and crafting your desired design. You may also hire a professional to do this or simply cop off free designs online.

Anyhow, because we’re working with trim caps, you can use any color, texture, pattern, etc. There won’t be restrictions because of trip cap letters’ compatibility with a wide range of graphics. You can even feel free to add several consequent curves.

Note that some machines don’t come with built-in software, so you may need to use and install third-party ones. This, however, may cost you more money since good-quality software usually needs a monthly subscription.

Another thing is, to cut down on costs, make sure to work with a machine that already comes with the bender software. You can check Varisigns video tutorials of software demo to know how it works.

Step 2: Feed the material to the machine.

The second step will depend on the machine that you’re using. Some machines will require you to manually feed the letter coil (or whatever trim cap material you’re using) into the machine.

If you’re using a Varisigns channel letter machine, however, then you don’t have to do this. You just have to confirm that the design is done and the machine has a stock of your preferred material. Once these are wrapped up, then there’s no need to feed the coil manually. This is because the machine will automatically gather the coil into its system.

Step 3: Set up and wait for the cutting process to finish.

The next task will revolve around the material cutting process. No matter what kind of material you use, this is essential to ensure that you have just the right amount of materials to work with. This is also where you can start to see the outlines of your channel letters.

Generally, all you need to do for this task is to wait. You won’t need to interfere with the machine’s activities, especially since this can be dangerous. Instead, just give minimal assistance to ensure that the materials are appropriately cut, and the machine’s parts aren’t failing.

Step 4: Go through the bending process.

Moving on, the freshly-cut material now has to go through the bending process. This is where the actual trim caps will take shape. Note, though, that this is one of the processes where most issues occur.

With this in mind, Varisigns’ channel letter machines come with an automatic bending feature. Thus, you can expect the process to go smoother than you may usually expect from regular machines. This will also enhance the process’ finishing time. This is the last step before finally getting a hold of your output.

Step 5: Check if the final output is of high quality.

After designing, feeding, cutting, and bending, you can now expect a full-on output for your aluminium trim cap letters. However, your task does not end here. You still have to make double-check whether the byproduct’s structure and design are well-made.

All in all, you can expect that making trim cap sign letters by using channel letter machines is an easy task. Since machines automate almost everything, the only thing that you need to focus on is the design. If you already have this, then rest assured that your only tasks would be a mixture of setting and waiting.

Making Trim Cap Letters: By Hand or Machine?

If you’re still torn between making trim cap letters by hand or machine, then the solid answer is the former.

As long as you use a high-quality and innovative 3D channel letter bending machine, you will find the process more convenient and efficient. You can also save a lot more time compared to manual construction.

Of course, it’s a given that you need to invest a little money to have a well-performing machine. It, however, will be a worthy investment. This is most especially if you’re planning on making sign trim cap letters for business needs.

On a side note, we guarantee greater benefits if you use one of our offered machines at Varisigns.


Now that you already know how to make trim cap channel letters by machine, you can now start making your own trim caps, no matter if it’s for personal or business use.

As you can see, you’ll find the process straightforward as long as you use the right machine. To make it more efficient, opt for a high-quality device that can automate all of your tasks for you. In this way, you won’t have to go through any manual tasks throughout trip cap making.

For high-quality machines, you can check out our offers at Varisigns. We guarantee innovative solutions not just for trim cap letters but for 3D channel letters in general.

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