High Quality Xenon Lamps for Yag Laser Welder 300W and 500W



Xenon lamp is widely used in YAG laser welding machine.

The xenon lamp is made of high-quality UV-filtering quartz glass, and it uses reserve emitter electrodes. It is also called Laser xenon lamp, pulse xenon lamp, xenon lamp, laser tube, laser welding xenon lamp, xenon tube, YAG laser xenon lamp, photon xenon lamp.
The xenon laser lamp features high load, high efficiency, good beam quality, and long life. The laser xenon lamp is ignited by the high voltage generated by the power supply, and releases different energy according to the size of the power supply current. Therefore, the xenon lamp should be replaced regularly, and the general service life is about 10 million times. When the output of the Nd:YAG laser is significantly weakened or the xenon lamp is difficult to ignite, you should consider replacing it with a new xenon lamp.

Details of Xenon lamp

High Quality Xenon Lamps for Yag Laser Welder 300W and 500W
High Quality Xenon Lamps in details size of Xenon Lamps different sizes of laser lamps

Package of Xenon lamp for Yag Laser Welder

package of Xenon Lamps

Xenon Lamp Replacement

The average service time of the pulse xenon lamp is 108 times of blinking if it works under its rated power. To ensure the normal performance of the machine, the lamp must be replaced when it has reached its rated blinking times (about 108 times) and the energy becomes low.

In cases that the xenon lamp is damaged or its service time is shorted due to other causes (for example, it can’t pre-light or no energy output is available when the voltage is increased to 500V), the xenon lamp should also be replaced.

As the strength of the sealing at the lamp’s two ends is relatively low and apt to being damaged, special caution should be offered when substituting the lamp. The following procedures should be followed:

  1. Turn off the machine, cut off the water supply and discharge the remaining electricity on the energy-storage capacitor;
  2. Remove the electrodes of lamp;
  3. Remove the gland of lamp, carefully pull out the lamp from the side of the full reflector;
  4. Use cotton moistened by cleaning agent to clean the sleeving;
  5. Check to see if the appearance, size and other aspects of the new lamp is conforming;
  6. Install the new lamp into the chamber, press the gland tight and mount the electrodes;
  7. Connect to the water supply and check the sealing of each part to see if they are reliable;
  8. Turn on the main power to check whether the lamp can discharge normally;
  9. Try single spot operation, check whether the output energy of laser meet the requirements. If the output is not ideal, repeatedly adjust the resonant cavity;
  10. Cover the laser with outer hood.

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