500W Handheld Best Laser Welding Machine for 3D Channel Letters

The best laser welder with tabletop and handheld welding gun for big 3D channel letters and sheet metal fabrications.

  • Model: GY-W500F
  • Materials: Stainless Steel, Galvanized Iron, Titanium
  • Thickness: Up to 3mm (.118”)
  • Lead Time: 7~10 Days After Payment Received
  • After Service: 24/7 Online Support & Overseas Engineers Available

Descriptions of 500W Handheld Best Laser Welding Machine for Channel Letters

500W handheld best laser welding machine GY-W500F is with fiber handle laser gun and table for big 3D metal channel letter signage making and sheet metal fabrications.

The standard welding head can weld small-size metal letters less than 80cm high where it is difficult to weld, and the handheld fiber optic head can weld large-size metal channel letter over 2 meters high. Your purchase includes: power box, big marble table, water chiller, 2-year warranty time.

The conventional combination and fixation of metal letters are done by glue, rivets, or welding, but they all have big flaws. Metal letters bonded with glue will always loosen over time, especially outdoors. Fixing with rivets sounds good, but it doesn’t look good. Welding has never been the greenway to fix metal letters because toxic gases are generated during processing.

However, laser welding technology allows two metal plates to be merged into one through only a few melting points. From any point of view, laser welding is the best solution and the most environmentally friendly today.

500W channel letter laser welder machine assembly
500W Handheld Laser Welder for sale

Applications of 500W Handheld Best Laser Welding Machine

500W YAG laser welding machine is widely used in the advertising industry for 3D logo letters, precision injection molding, die-casting, module fixing, metal decorations and parts, precision stamping parts welding, lost wax investment castings flushing sluice fixing, and other stainless steel products.

Features of 500W Handheld Best Laser Welding Machine

  • Fast positioning of red light spot; CCD display.
  • Fast working speed: 6 times faster than traditional TIG or MIG welding.
  • The deformation is small and the influence of heat is small.
  • Able to handle complex, odd-shaped, tiny to huge letters and logos.
  • The microscope can be rotated 360 degrees to adapt to users of different heights.
  • The imported ceramic focusing cavity ensures the quality of laser energy output and will not weaken for a long time.
  • Ultra-fine positioning pins make fillet welding easier without changing the position.
  • The laser cavity can be manually moved in all directions to weld channel letters of different sizes.
  • The latest adapted marble table makes welding smoother and reduces scratches on letters to be welded.
  • The handheld laser pointer can weld items that cannot be placed on the table more flexibly, with a maximum working distance of 5 meters.
  • Easy to install and maintain. Master operation skills within a few hours.
  • Low noise and no pollution. 

Details of 500W Handheld Best Laser Welding Machine

table top welding of best laser welding machine 500W
Tabletop welding (Standard YAG laser welding head)
500w handheld laser welding stainless steel
Handheld laser welding head
high quality crystal of 500w handheld laser welder
Crystal bar: Φ8 x 165mm (specification)          Imported ceramic cavity
laser beam of 500w laser welding machine
Red beam switch and spot size adjust ring
laser spot of 500w Best Laser Welding Machine
laser head of Best Laser Welding Machine

Laser Head: 360-degree rotation which makes it easy to fix welding positions for particular objects. CCD Direct Observation: Easy adjustments for light point sizes and welding point positions.

500w handheld laser welder touch screen
Varisigns 500w best laser welding machine customer testing

Parameter settings: very simple adjustment, there are 10 saveable settings available and can be exported at any time. Marble working surface: The low coefficient of friction helps reduce the possibility of scratches on the glossy metal finish.

Technical Parameters of 500W Handheld Best Laser Welding Machine

Model No.GY-W500F
Laser Power500W
Laser SourceNd 3+: YAG rod ф8 x 165mm
Laser Wavelength1064nm
Laser Tube Quantity 2 pcs
Single-pulse Energy120J
Pulse Duration0.1~20ms
Frequency Range0.1~50Hz
Workable Current50~300A
Welding Spot Size0.2~3.0mm
Laser Output Focus Length150mm – 250mm (standard head), 120mm (fiber head)
laser CavityLength: 1100mm, can rotate 360 degrees
Table Size (L x W)1000mm x 750mm
Laser Arm RadiusUp to 840mm
Z-axis Adjustment RangeZ=50mm
Settings Memory10 groups
Control PanelDustproof button control
Language OptionEnglish
Power Supply380V/50HZ for laser; 220V/50HZ for chiller (60HZ machine optional)
Power Consumption7KW
Applicable MaterialsStainless steel, Titanium, Iron
Material Thicknessup to 3.0mm
Warranty Period2-year
Sight PositioningCCD digital camera
Cooling SystemWater Chiller
Cooling Capacity2700W
Footprint1400mm x 800mm x 1100mm, Machine body
600mm x 420mm x 750mm, Water chiller

Remarks of 500W Handheld Best Laser Welding Machine

1. This best laser welder requires a 380V 50HZ power supply which means 6 square meter wires and 60A air switch/safety/breaker. And water chiller requires 220V 50HZ power. Any damage caused by misconnection is not obliged by the seller.
2. Work current ranges from 50-300A, and work pulse width ranges from 1ms-5ms.
3. Work frequency 4-10Hz for spot welding and 10Hz-40Hz for continuous welding.
4. The water inside the chiller tank has to be changed once a month in winter, or twice a month in summer. Deionized water is preferable, but bottled drinking water is also fine. 5. Main Consumable parts: Protection lens, Xenon lamp, Thimble.

Samples from 500W Handheld Best Laser Welding Machine

stainless steel letters by 500w best laser welding machine
back-lit letter welded by 500w laser welder machine

Package and Delivery of 500W Handheld Best Laser Welding Machine

Package and Delivery of 500W Handheld Best Laser Welding Machine


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