6.5×13 CNC Routing Machine for Big CNC Projects

The large 6.5×13 CNC routing machine with vacuum system and dust collector.

  • Model: VS-2040T
  • Workspace: 2000*4000mm (6.5′×13′)
  • Footprint: 8’×16′
  • Spindle Power: 5.5KW
  • Lead Time: 10~15 Days After Payment Received
  • After Service: 24/7 Online Support & Overseas Engineers Available
CNC Router table for sale

Applications of 6.5×13 CNC Routing Machine

6.5×13 CNC Routing Machine is specially designed for the sign advertising industry with high-cost performance. It can cut or engrave Billboards, dual-color ABS boards, miniature models, Plexiglas, wood articles, etc. The appearance is novel, the speed is fast, and the precision is high. Equipped with DSC control system, high-definition LCD screen, and friendly interface. The latest dual Y-axis engraving machine is as precise as a screw machine and fast as a rack and pinion engraving machine.

CNC Router details
6.5x13 CNC Routing Machine for Big CNC Projects 32

Configurations of 6.5×13 CNC Routing Machine

  • Engraving Area: 2000mm x 4000mm (79″ x 157″)
  • Height of Gantry Lifting: 110mm (4.3″)
  • Maximum Travel Speed: 25000mm (984″) / min
  • Spindle: 5.5KW Chinese air-cooled
  • 10 pcs engraving tools
  • Vacuum working table, 11KW vacuum pump, and 3.5KW dust collector
  • Circular guideway, Leadshine drivers 
  • 3.5″ DSC-931 Color screen controller, double Y axis, stepper motor
CNC Router controllerCNC Router Ethernet port
3.5” DSC-931 Color screen controller
With digital-to-analog conversion technology and a DSC control system, data processing is much faster.
There is a USB 2.0 and Ethernet port, also large flash memory inside. Document transmission and download will be easy with them.
CNC Router handleCNC Router spindle
Remote control handleChinese air cooled spindle, 24000rpm rate
CNC Router screwCNC Router sensor
Double Y-axis, double driving engraving machine, is accurate as screw machines and fast as rack and pinion engraving machines.The tool sensor is guaranteed working accuracy and engraving quality.
CNC Router Electrical cabinet
The electrical cabinet adopts high-quality accessories with, long use life.

6.5×13 CNC Routing Machine series engraving machine has a “Cutting at an angle” function with a DSC control system. “Cutting at an angle” can make less chance of the workpiece coming loose and no trace marks. (When the tool comes to the corner, but not to the bottom, the workpiece comes loose quite often). For more details on the “Cutting at an angle” function operation, please see the software manual.

CNC Router Applications

Instruction of 6.5×13 CNC Routing Machine

CNC Router details 01
CNC Router details 02

The tool sensor is guaranteed working accuracy and engraving quality. 
First, confirm 0 points of the engraving file (make the center of the engraving material as 0 points or the lower right corner as 0 points), and then decide how to put the engraving material on the working table. Next fix the engraving material up and put the sensor on it, then move X, Y, Z-axis by keyboard or remote to a sensor, once touched, the tool will rise automatically, at the same time the machine will remember the height as the default to keep precision of the process. (For more details please check the manual of machine control software)

CNC Router details 03
CNC Router details 04

The nut and the clamp are used to fix cutting tools on the spindle. The diameter of cutting tools should correspond to the clamp’s diameter. The clamps have Φ3.175, Φ4, Φ6, Φ8 models, except for special cutting tools.

CNC Router details 05
CNC Router details 06
Installation of tool
CNC Router details 07
CNC Router details 08
Engraving material clamping
CNC Router details 09

Different tools have different engraving effects.

  • Drilling tool: Mainly used for carving character
  • Milling toolMainly used for face milling, cutting, and rough processing
  • Knurling tool: Mainly used for special shape processing, like 3D modeling character, and special texture.
  • Remark: Here are just some types for reference, others are based on actual items.
CNC Router tools
CNC Router usage

The machine must be installed on flat ground. Pay attention to the following tips:

  • Working temperature environment 0-40℃ 
  • Working humidity 30-75%
  • Power voltage 220V + / – 10%
  • Machine ground wire must be installed properly to avoid short circuits and/or damage.
  • The machine should be installed in a roomy environment with plenty of space. It should not be installed near other machines, which may cause interference. The machine may not work correctly in such instances.
  • The machine should be stable on all legs.
  • Make sure there is enough room around the machine, especially around the gantry and the controller.
CNC Router tips
  1. Machine Installation – Main parts installation Includes Z-axis parts installation, controller installation, spindle installation, the connection of all cables, tool sensor installation, etc. For more information, please refer to the User Manual.
  2. Engraving Software installation, edit the image you want to process
CNC Router Software

3. Fix the workpieces onto the working table, start to process

CNC Router working table
Samples of 6.5×13 CNC Routing Machine
CNC Router samples

Features of 6.5×13 CNC Routing Machin

  • It can work offline. New look, fast speed, and high precision
  • It uses a high-speed USB 2.0 connector and can transfer at speeds up to 12MB / second.
  • There is an Ethernet connector and a large internal memory, making it easy to download data.
  • The new digital-analog converter makes it much easier to change the speed of the spindle via the controller. The controller uses DSC technology, enhancing data processing speed.
  • When the job mixes straight lines and arcs, it will make the output very smooth.
  • The new controller has the same previous functions such as cutting at an angle for smoother cuts, power failure memory of the last point, restarting the job at any line, etc. 
  • The system has many advanced functions like ramp entry, power-off memory, and restarting at any line. And also many processing modes like professional modes including Constant speed cutting, 2D mode, 3D mode, Duplicate Mode, Mirror Image Mode, Scanning Mode Drilling Mode, and custom mode.
CNC Router process
CNC Router process production

 Quality report:

CNC Router quality report

Parameters of 6.5×13 CNC Routing Machine

Engraving SoftwareUcancam V10, Type3, Router 8, and Type3, etc.(Optional)
InterfaceUSB / Ethernet
Type Of WorktableVacuum
Repetition Precision± 0.05mm
Spindle Power5.5KW Chinese air-cooled
Maximum Engraving Area2000mm x 4000mm (79″ x 157″)


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