Channel Letter Bending Machine

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If you are thinking about improving the efficiency and accuracy of channel letter fabrication, and eager to reduce waste and cut down on the high labor cost, our Automatic Channel Letter Bending Machine can make all this happen, it helps you to fabricate 3D trimless channel letters, profiles channel letters and stainless steel channel letters with super fast speed automatically instead of bending by manual channel bender tools.
  • Quality and reliability:
  • All our channel letter bending machine steel-welded frames and main parts are produced by our own CNC Machining center which features the highest-quality and stability.
  • Ease of use:
  • The bender software are designed by our own R&D center based on years of industry experience and customer feedback, simple software interface, easy to learn and operate.
  • Our Guarantee:
  • We provide pre-sales full proposals, installation, operation training and maintenance services with a two-year warranty and 24/7 online support which means you don’t have to worry about the after service from the first day the machine enters your workshop.


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